संस्कृत / Sanskrit: Fake supporters vs Real students

Advent of Social Media has “transformed” (Using this word sarcastically. Everything that is being done these days is Transformation!) people from “dumb and lazy” to “dumber and lazier” lot. It is so easy to click a “Like” or “Retweet” or hit “Forward” and propagate (or make “viral”) any non-sense propaganda without bothering to validate, authenticate or even proof-read.

I have thought of a Social Experiment which I will write about in detail some other day; but it essentially involves sending two slightly different messages in Social Media and then seeing how they propagate and how they traverse and come back to me 🙂 A kind of “velocity of Social Media network”. Anyways, I am digressing.

The reason for writing this blog is my intolerance for fake and bull-shit propaganda, as opposed to real, genuine and meaningful content that deserves to be viewed, read, shared and appreciated.

I get a lot of forwards which spread nonsense messages about great Hindu history, Sanskrit, its acceptance by NASA and all that. I don’t get tired of shooting down such bullshit and show how fragile and hollow such claims are. However, I also try to find good aspects of our history, things that we should cherish and spread and be proud of (although that’s a dangerous territory – to be proud of something to which we have made ZERO contribution).

So here are 3 utter nonsense videos on how or why Sanskrit is great etc.

Why Sanskrit is the most Scientific language and loved by NASA?


The Science of Sanskrit Language Explained by Rajiv Dixit


Shri Narendra Modi speaks on Sanskrit


When you do something as a show-off, all you can do is give such speech – and claim that you are doing a great service.

Smriti Irani’s speech in Sanskrit

No wonder that someone who started her career reciting someone else’s dialogues can pull off a Sanskrit speech without bothering if she would remember even one sentence after a few days. They would accuse opposition leaders of reading Hindi speech written in Roman script. This speech is worse. At least, in case of Roman Script Hindi the person would know the meaning or message (only that he/she might not know the Devnagari script). In this case, it’s the reverse. The person would at best know script – nothing more.

Such hollow talk, empty praise and false pride does nothing for the good of Sanskrit. Mostly these are false claims, blind faith and irrational pride.

However, people who really mean well, do something about it. They pursue the cause and if possible, contribute. Here are two examples (and I have intentionally chosen these examples to highlight contrast – Sanskrit scholars who happen to be Muslims)

Muslim scholar who converses in Sanskrit


Vaartavali: Special interview with Sanskrit scholar Mohammad Hanif Khan Shastri


What is the meaning of Hindu Rashtra by Dr. Hanif Khan Shastri

You don’t need Social Media propaganda, umpteen Likes and Retweets and army of fake supporters to keep Sanskrit alive, make her thrive again. All you need is real students!

By the way, the mention that there was no Sanskrit news broadcast on radio is a complete lie. It has been there since last 40 years

In fact there used to be a Sanskrit edition of kid’s magazine Chandamama (Chandoba in Marathi/ Chandrama in Sanskrit) My friend had subscribed to Sanskrit edition when we were kids (in early 90’s).

Yes, Sanskrit has declined steadily over decades/centuries; however, that is not because of “Macualay Putras”. I will write my thoughts on this in a separate blog post. Till then do watch the Muslim Sanskrit Scholars’ interviews and share if possible.



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