Queen Elizabeth (91) and Duke of Edinburgh (95) are completing 70 years of Married life. 👑👑🥂

Two awesome Photographs in the same pose with a time gap of 70 years!

When you watch such pictures and reflect, your notion of “meaning of life” would change a lot!

My grandmother married at the age of 20 and she lived till age of 82. So she spent first 20 years at her parents home and 62 years at her husband’s home.

However, she always referred to her parents home as “native place”. I would tease her on that topic and she would smile and say that you wouldn’t understand what it means to leave your home and settle for a new everything!

60-70 years is a long time and 60-70 years of “active and working life” is even longer! Just by sheer amount of experience and memories that person can offer so much to the younger generation.

This reminds me of the amazing contributions of two people I immensely like and look up to – Warren Buffett (age 88) and Charlie Munger (age 94) – who are still active and getting wiser every day! Long live both of them…