Spiritual Interpretation of Eclipse

Recently a total lunar eclipse took place on 27th July 2018. It was not seen in most parts of India because of monsoon/rainy season. However that was a trigger for many myths and superstitions which, now-a-days, get spread far more rigorously over Social Media platforms like WhatsApp. And this is true not only in India,... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system and Linux distribution based on Debian. Their logo shows top view of three people extending arms to form a circle - indicating collaboration which is a key attribute of Open Source system. The dictionary meaning of African word Ubuntu is as follows: But I came across... Continue Reading →

ती सध्या काय करते – एक गूढकथा

असे म्हणतात की पहिले प्रेम विसरता विसरत नाही.... असाच एकाचा अनुभव नक्कीच वाचा. कदाचित जुन्या आठवणी जाग्या होतील तुमच्या... 😊😊😊 ... ... ... अज्ञात क्रमांक (Mobile #) पाहून सुरेशने नाक मुरडतच विचारले "कोण ?" समोरचा मंजुळ आवाज विचारत होता, "सुरेश का ?" आवाज एकदम ओळखीचा वाटला. मग सुरेशने विचारले "हो, आपण ?" मी रोल नंबर... Continue Reading →

Just For Fun

For those who don't understand Hindi, "aukaat"/औकात is a Hindi word for Status or Class (actually both words don't capture the essence well, because Aukaat has sightly derogatory connotation). As George Bernard Shaw said: When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth"So I did some reality check. My wish-list in Amazon... Continue Reading →

The Story of Penguin Books And Indian Crow

I studied in Marathi medium school till 7th standard and semi-English from 8th standard onward (i.e. Science and Maths were taught in English. History, Geography etc were in Marathi). I started learning English in as late as 5th Standard (Age 9 yrs). Till then I didn't know even A,B,C,D...it sounds strange now but yes that's... Continue Reading →

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