NEP2020 And Why India Needs A Martin Gardner More Than A Shakuntala Devi

I have been a bit busy because of multiple things happening on personal and professional front. So I missed blogging about some interesting events/topics. Finally I decided to prioritise and post this blog. (As they say: "It's never about time; it's about priorities and genuine intent") I am combining two blog topics/themes into one because... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

2nd August 2020 न कश्चित्कस्यचिन्मित्रं न कश्चित्कस्यचिद्रिपुः ।यथायोगेन जायन्ते मित्राणि रिपवस्तथा ।। चाणक्यनीतिः Being Friend/Foe is situational. It may not be a permanent feature. As is the situation, so are the steps.

Thought of The Day

1st August 2020 "There are three ways in which the ego will treat the present moment: as a means to an end, as an obstacle, or as an enemy." — Eckhart Tolle

Math Fun: What Is Emirp?

Do you know what "emirp" is? An emirp is a prime whose reversal is a different prime. A cyclic emirp is an emirp that generates only more emirps when the last digit is successively moved to the front (or vice-versa). The largest known cyclic emirp is 939,391.

Thought of The Day

28th July 2020 “Gain may be temporary and uncertain, but ever, while you live, expense is constant and certain” — Benjamin Franklin

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