Blogging Milestone – 100K Views

I just got an alert that this blog has achieved today 100K views and 70K unique visitors!

It’s been many years since I started this blog; maybe 8 years or so. I had another blog before this one which I had started in 2006-07. So overall it’s been 15 years.

100K views in 8 years and with 2527 posts is nothing great. The blog has 230 odd subscribers and many additional anonymous or one-time/occasional visitors.

By observing stats and analytics I can now sense what topics, keywords etc. result in more views.

But my aim was never to go after the views. My aim is clear and it is echoed in the blog subtitle – “Notes to myself”. This is a personal blog which I intend to read in future when I get older (I am already old now), and nostalgic about past. Hopefully the contents of this blog will amuse me, entertain me, educate (again), or remind me of the events and emotions I went through. It will be my companion in my journey towards obscurity.

I am glad that at least some people are liking some of my notes to myself. It motivates me to write more notes to myself 🙂

I intend to start writing more frequently in coming months. And also doing more theme-based posts. I am at a crucial juncture in my life and am hoping to turn things around on many fronts. Post that, I have many plans with respect to blogging. Let’s see how things shape up.

Till then keep encouraging me if you find some posts worth your time. Also, any suggestions to upgrade/upscale the blog and apply some SEO or digital marketing are welcome!


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