I See Maths In This Photo. Do You?

I see maths in this photo. Do you? Clue...it's related to Golden Ratio!

Thought of The Day

31st May 2019 सर्वे क्षयान्ताः निचयाः पतनान्ताः समुच्छ्रयाः। संयोगा विप्रयोगान्ता मरणान्तं च जीवितम्॥ महाभारत, स्त्री॰ २-३ Every accumulation ends in a diminution, every elevation ends in a descent, every association ends in a dissociation and every life ends in death.

Thought of The Day

29th May 2019 सुलभाः पुरुषा राजन् सततं प्रियवादिनः। अप्रियस्य तु पथ्यस्य वक्ता श्रोता च दुर्लभः॥ O king, it’s easy to find men who always speak pleasing words. But it’s difficult to get a speaker who use words unpleasant (to the ears) but beneficial (in life). So too a listener to those words

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