Quite Interesting! – The British Comedy Panel Game Quiz Show

Between American Comedy and British/English Comedy I like the latter. Friends is hilarious. But Yes, Minister is outstanding! In general, British humour is far superior, sharp and intelligent! Here is a video describing the difference between the two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tXuvzZKTI0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyv4jGWEzxY I like the show called "Mock The Week", which is a unique impromptu British comedy... Continue Reading →

Stand-up: I Come From Two Indias by Vir Das

One of my favourite comedians is Vir Das (in addition to Punit Pania, whom I watched live recently, and Varun Grover and a couple others). I like all of them because their type of humour is not just some funny nonsense story; it's a weapon to fight against the ugly things in our society; it's... Continue Reading →

Humour: IKIGAI Parody

I have written earlier on a Japanese concept called IKIGAI. There is also a popular book on the subject (which I have browsed but not yet read) called "IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life" I recently came across this hilarious parody cover of IKIGAI book. It's a pun on IKIGAI using... Continue Reading →

The Hierarchy of Humor

Liked this hierarchy of humor by Grant Snider. I have issues with putting Paradox at the pinnacle. However that's subjective opinion. It would be interesting to collate examples of each type and link with this. Maybe in future...

Math Is Fun…

Math is fun... Don't believe? Check this...hope you enjoy it! How much is: 230 - 220 x 0.5 = ? ... ... ... ... ... ... You would be amazed that answer is just 5!

Stand-up Comedy by Anuvab Pal

I was watching an interview of Kunal Kamra, the young and controversial comedian and writer. He was asked which other comedians he takes inspiration from? Kunal mentioned that he liked the works of Varun Grover, Sanjay Rajoura and Anuvab Pal. I have watched lots of videos, interviews, and stand-up performances by Varun Grover and Sanjay... Continue Reading →

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