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Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger’s Funniest & Wittiest Moments

This is far from the complete compilation of the funniest and wittiest moments of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger – not even 1% of what the duo have given over their combined life of 182 years!

But it is a good place to begin exploring…


AIB: Honest Engineering Campus Placements

If you are/were an Engineering student in India and/or familiar with Engineering Campus Placements, you would love this 3-part funny series by AIB (All India Bakchod).

Warning: Foul and indecent language and references at many places. Viewers’ discretion is recommended

National Pi Day 2018

Today is National Pi Day (March 14th or 3/14). I had written a blog post on National Pi Day in 2009 which you can read here (the blog post was imported from my old blog and there seems to be some loss of content or distortion of metadata). I joined Twitter on 13th March 2009, just a day before the 2009 National Pi Day when I wrote that blog post. So I was hardly conversant with Twitter and hadn’t checked Pi Day messages. In fact Twitter itself was new at that time, so I doubt if there was much content around Pi Day.

Anyways, since then I have been following National Pi Day messages on Twitter every year and also on other social media.

So this year I thought of posting a collection of few interesting messages related to “Pi”.

Prof.  Arthur Benjamin is a well known Maths professor who has combined Mathematics and Magic through his program Mathemagic. All mathematicians find “Pi” intriguing and they like to explore various aspects of Pi. Prof. Arthur has composed a nice song on Pi which I recently saw on Youtube. Here is the song:


Matt Parker is another Math enthusiast who has several interesting videos on Mathametics on Youtube channel Numberphile. As we know Pi is an irrational number. It doesn’t end and goes on and on. As of now researchers have found out up to 2.7 trillion digits of Pi. That is 2,000,000,000,000,000th digit of Pi!

Coming back to Mike Parker…he printed first million digits of Pi and laid down along a mile strip on airport! He also discussed interesting points about Pi. Here is the video:

A comment on this video summarized the exercise pretty well. It said “Completely unnecessary, but absolutely awesome!!

Here are some interesting messages on Pi and Pi Day.

Pi looks as “PIE” in mirror

Humorous take on Pi – the “irrational number”

Today’s Google Doodle and message on Twitter handle of Google India. There was speculation on what the text message means. One possibility could be the next Android version (version P) could be named “Pi”

Unfortunately today’s Pi Day began with the sad news of demise of great theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking. Interestingly enough Pi Day also happens to be birthday of another great theoretical physicist, Dr Albert Einstein (or as a funny tweet called him, [mc^2-instein] ). And many people on twitter talked about this coincidence.

Then as usual, there were several offers celebrating Pi Day and offering things for $3.14


Here is a funny dialog between the “imaginary” number “i” and “irrational” number “pi”

And lastly, here is a funny cartoon on Pi being the lonely number 🙂

Humor for #PiDay Pi Day.

Question: “What did the palindrome and math lover say when she was offered cake?” Answer: “I prefer pi.”

Indian genius mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan had special affinity for Ramanujan. Lot of his equations involved “Pi” in very elegant and artistic manner. Here are a couple of examples:


I have few more resources on magnificent “Pi”, but will save it for the next year…till then Happy Pi Day!


हा:हा:हा: कारम् कारणे…

Analytics gone wrong 🙄😏🤦🏻‍♂️

Amazon India’s “Great Indian Festival” begins today!

While they are promising Blockbuster Deals to everyone, in my case they are promoting bulk discounts on Baby Diapers and Wipes under title “Offer You Cannot Resist” 😏

I hate analytics. There is much more to offer to me than Baby Diapers…don’t go by past (recent) data.

#Analytics #Data

“भाव” तसा देव… 

Ganapati Idols shop.JPG

भाव” तसा देव… 


स्थळ: शनिवार पेठ, पुणे

वेळ: दिवेलागणीची (संध्याकाळी ७)

विषय: गणेशोत्सवानिमित्त गणपतीची मूर्ती खरेदी


माझ्या मित्राला गणपतीची मूर्ती घ्यायची होती म्हणून मी त्याच्या बरोबर गेलो होतो.

एक ज्येष्ठ नागरीक दांम्पत्य एका गणपती मूर्ती विक्री केंद्रावर सुमारे २५ मिनिटे रेंगाळून गणपती मूर्ती न्याहाळत होते. म्हणजे “अहो” मूर्ती बघत होते, आणि “अगं” पूजा साहित्य घेत होत्या.

अहोंना काही केल्या एकही गणपती मूर्ती पसंत पडत नव्हती.

ह्या मूर्तीची बैठक योग्य नाही. ह्या मूर्तीचे अवयव प्रमाणबद्ध नाहीये,  हात बारीक आहेत.

हे सोवळं बरोबर नाही,  पितांबर पाहिजे… इत्यादी इत्यादी


गणपती दाखवणाराही वैतागला होता…


शेवटी एक मूर्ती अहोंना पसंत पडली…असं वाटलं…

अहो – अगं, ही मूर्ती पाहिली का? अगदी बरोब्बर आहे…मला वाटत हीच घेऊ


अगं नी ढुंकूनही पाहिलं नाही, नुसतं “हं” वर भागवलं.


अहो – कितीला आहे ही मूर्ती?

विक्रेता – ८०० रुपये

अहो – (धक्का बसल्याचे अजिबात न दाखवता) बघू जरा एकदा जवळून…

आणि मग मूर्ती परत एकदा जवळून बघितल्या सारखे करत “च्च” वगैरे नापसंती दाखवत म्हणाले “अगं, डोळे काहीतरी वेगळे वाटतात नाही का? भाव पाहिजे तसा नाहीये ह्या मूर्तीचा…म्हणजे बघितल्यावर कसं प्रसन्न वाटलं पाहिजे, तसं नाही वाटतं…चल आपण दुसरीकडे बघून येऊ”

दुकानदारानी सौम्य सात्विक शिवी घातली आणि पुटपुटला – “च्यायला, भाव पाहिजे तसा नाही ते ह्याला किंमत सांगितल्यावर समजले का… म्हणे प्रसन्न वाटत नाही. लोकांना देव प्रसन्न व्हावा असं वाटतं , आणि इथे ह्यांना प्रसन्न प्रसन्न वाटलं पाहिजे! कंजूष…आता घेईल १५०-२०० रुपयांची मूर्ती आणि म्हणेल “असाच भाव हवा होता, आता कसं प्रसन्न वाटतयं”…म्हणतात ना भाव तसा देव”

असं म्हणून त्यांनी अत्यंत रागाने आमच्याकडे पाहिले. बहुदा “हे दोघे पण तसलेच “भावि”क असणार” असा  त्याचा समज झाला असेल (खरं तर असं त्यानें ओळखले असेल!)

आता उगाच त्याचा रोष आपल्यावर नको, म्हणून मी आधीच सांगून टाकलं – “जरा चांगल्या मूर्ती दाखवा – ८०० ते १२०० रुपयांपर्यंत!”

विक्रेता खूष! मित्र… चेहऱ्यावर कोणत्याही भावाचा अभाव… त्याला काही समजायच्या आतच मी मोबाईल फोन वर बोलल्यासासारखं करून तिथून पसार झालो!

अजून तरी मित्राचा फोन आला नाही… त्यामुळे आता मला “प्रसन्न” वाटतंय! बहुतेक त्याने ८०० रुपये वाली मूर्ती घेतली असणार… थोडक्यात ह्या वर्षी त्याच्याकडे  प्रसाद म्हणून माव्याच्या मोदका ऐवजी खडीसाखर असणार!


श्री. शि. द. फडणीस /S.D. Phadnis

These cartoons are by famous Indian cartoonist S.D.Phadnis.

Awesome work…he doesn’t use caption or speech bubble. His illustration are good enough.

सुप्रसिद्ध व्यंगचित्रकार (किंवा अर्कचित्रकार) श्री. शि. द. फडणीस यांची काही चित्रे

Something interesting and something humorous on Stock Markets

In an interesting research paper, Michael Bar-Eli, et al, analysed 286 penalty kicks in top soccer leagues and championships worldwide. In a penalty kick, the ball takes approximately 0.2 seconds to reach the goal, leaving no time for the goalkeeper to see clearly the direction the ball is kicked. He has to decide whether to jump to one of the sides or to stay in the centre at about the same time as the kicker chooses where to direct the ball. About 80% of penalty kicks resulted in a goal being scored, which emphasizes the importance a penalty kick has to determine the outcome of a game.

Interestingly, the data revealed that the optimal strategy for the goalkeeper is to stay in the centre of the goal. However, almost always he jumped left or right. In short, goalkeepers choose action (jumping to one of the sides) rather than inaction (staying in the centre). If the goalkeeper stays in the centre and a goal is scored, it looks as if he did not do anything to stop the ball. The goalkeeper clearly feels lesser regret, and risk to his career, if he jumps on either side, even though it may result in a goal being scored.

Just like the goalkeeper, professional trader too feels compelled to play every trade that is out there in the market. In most cases either the event is already priced in or it just does not play out in line with the popular belief. Despite data proving that frequent trading might be counterproductive, the norm is always to act. Action seems to always triumph inaction.

So the next time you feel compelled to place a trade in the market, remember sitting around and doing nothing may just be a better option.

In short, just follow Charlie Munger’s advice:

And now something humorous!

P.S: I have a puzzle on the probability of Goalkeeper’s best strategy to defend goal post…will post it soon!


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