Gold Standard of Fake News: Why I Don’t Read Newspaper Much…

I don't read daily newspaper with the same enthusiasm or purpose any more. I do read it for trivial news updates, but not for being informed about world events or for forming views/opinions. Firstly, daily newspaper had become way more outdated for that, particularly in the age of Social Media where news is fed and... Continue Reading →

Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics

Dr Thomas Sowell, Americal Economist born in 1930, is a living legend! In our Economics classes I don't remember our Professors talking about him much. Or maybe they did so in passing and I didn't notice. So I was torally unaware what a genius this man is! I discovered him during last year through Twitter... Continue Reading →

Sendhil Mullainathan Wins Infosys Prize 2018

Just read this news that Harvard Prof Sendhil Mullainathan won (along with 5 others) Infosys Prize 2018 for science and research I had watched Sendhil's TED talk and had liked it a lot! There are many economists of late who write and talk about behavioral economics, cognitive biases and nudge. This one is also... Continue Reading →

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