What Would You Do If You Had $1 Billion at Age 34?

I saw an interesting post on Twitter and it made me think about few things. I also shared this with 2-3 people and got their views. Most of us think that we are forced to run the rat race because we have some personal goals to achieve - education, home, a decent lifestyle, for health... Continue Reading →


Happy B’day Google!

Happy B'day Google! Google turns 20 today...founded on this day in 1998. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=-I_CIy3Uqx0 I have read The Google Story and liked it a lot! I have also heard that In The Plex by Stephen Levy is another good book on Google. Amazon was founded in 1994 and Google was founded in 1998. I was 14... Continue Reading →

Henry Ford On Advertising

I have written multiple blog posts on Henry Ford which you can check here. I feel that his book/biography "My Life and Work" must be included as essential reading for any Management course. Couple of his other books are also excellent (including the one on his relationship with Thomas Edison, titled "Edison As I Knew... Continue Reading →

Apple: The First Trillion Dollar Company

Apple recently touched market capitalization of $1 trillion! Here are some interesting facts: Apple IPO valuation (Dec 12, 1980): $1.2 billion Apple valuation on 2nd Aug 2018: $1 trillion Stock return since IPO: 50,000% Apple va Nokia rivalry: Valuations today: Apple: $1 trillion Nokia: $30 billion Valuations when iPhone was released in 2007: Nokia: $110... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of A Blowup

I read the following news about Jet Airways: JET AIRWAYS posts loss after 11 straight quarters of profits Loss higher than past 6 quarters of profit combined Fuel costs and higher other expenses dent numbers It reminded me of the following side explaining Nassim Nicolas Taleb's assertion of "Anatomy of A Blowup" Few days ago,... Continue Reading →

CNBC’s Warren Buffett Archive

Yesterday I posted a short blog post with link to 2018 Annual General Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. I watched the Live telecast of the AGM till very late night (as per India Time). Some days back I posted a blog on Charlie Munger and shared some of his videos. Few days later I wrote another... Continue Reading →

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