Remembering Lee Iacocca

I just woke up to the news that iconic business leader Lee Iacocca, who led Ford and Chrysler in 70's and 80's passed away at age 94. I really liked Lee and followed him a lot though he had retired from public/business life long ago. His autobiography was one of the first Business biographies I... Continue Reading →

Good Insights On Marketing /Strategy By Rajiv Bajaj

I have been blogging very less for last few weeks (except for daily Thought of The Day), mainly because of work milestones. There is a long list of topics which I want to write on. Yes, I have noted few (at least 10) in drafts/notepad. So waiting for getting some free time, tentatively after 15th... Continue Reading →

Henry Ford On Advertising

I have written multiple blog posts on Henry Ford which you can check here. I feel that his book/biography "My Life and Work" must be included as essential reading for any Management course. Couple of his other books are also excellent (including the one on his relationship with Thomas Edison, titled "Edison As I Knew... Continue Reading →

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