Bye Bye iPod — Why Apple Discontinued The Iconic iPod?

On October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs walked onto the stage with a weird little box - claiming that your entire music library can now fit in your pocket. He called it a quantum leap in listening to music. This was how Apple launched the iPod - a device that could hold a 1000 songs. And... Continue Reading →

Excellent Interview of Prof Aswath Damodaran

Professor Aswath Damodaran is a legend in the world of Finance. I had shared one of his talks few years back. I came across his recent interview on The Investor's Podcast and thought of sharing it here. In a long winded discussion Aswath talks about his motivation and early years as Professors, his teaching and... Continue Reading →

Swiggy Man Uses Dunzo For Delivery

I came across this interesting news which recently appeared in the Mint newspaper. A person in Bengaluru ordered food delivery via #Swiggy. The Swiggy delivery partner, in turn, booked a delivery via #Dunzo to be sent to the person who ordered it! The Swiggy guy even contacted the end customer and requested him to give him a five-star... Continue Reading →

Mirage Of 100 Unicorns In India

In last couple of days there was a news in the Business world announcing that India now has 100 Unicorns! Unicorn is a company (usually a start-up, but not always so) which achieves a valuation of $1 Billion. This valuation is usually based on multiple rounds of investments by Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private... Continue Reading →

Good Read: Customer-Based Corporate Valuation (CBCV)

Business Models and Business Valuation (or Valuation, in general) is one of my most favourite topics. I have followed several legends (likes of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ben Graham, Prof. Aswath Damodaran et al), books and blogs on their philosophy of how to value a business. Customer-Based Corporate Valuation (CBCV) is an interesting approach, especially... Continue Reading →

Happy B’day, Warren Buffett!

It's Warren Buffett's birthday today! Born on 30th August 1930, he completes 91 years today! I have written several times on this blog about Warren Buffett! He and Charlie Munger (Age 97 and still very active!) are one of the few living legends I admire and follow closely. I discovered Warren Buffett sometime in early... Continue Reading →

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