Charlie Munger’s Latest Interview

I have mentioned multiple times on this blog that Charlie Munger is one of my idols! For the uninitiated, Charlie Munger is the long-time friend and partner of Warren Buffett and the Vice Chairman of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. However, that not his main identity or claim to fame. Charlie is a stalwart in his own right! In fact, Buffett’s success can largely be attributed to his association with Munger (and Warren himself has acknowledged that multiple times).

Charlie is just amazing, a living miracle! Born on 1st January 1924, Charlie completed 99 years this year and entered 100th year. He is still very active and on top of the business activities. At his age, most people would be glad to be just in their senses and be able to talk coherently. Charlie not only can think and talk well, he can still sit through a long 2-3 hrs session!

So here is the latest interview of Charlie Munger on 15th February, which is 2.5 hrs long. The occasion was the Daily Journal’s shareholders meeting. Charlie is the Chairman of Daily Journal and similar to Berkshire Hathaway’s AGMs, Charlie conducts a free-wheeling meeting with shareholders and addresses all questions – related to the company or anything in the world.

Do watch his interview. I tend not to miss a single interview of his…because you know that this wouldn’t last long, with each passing day. Wish him a healthy and eventful life even after 100+ years!


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