TLAs: Which is your favourite?

JFK - John F KennedySRK - ShahRukh KhanMIT - Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDoT - Department of TelecomRIP - Rest In PeaceUSP - Unique Selling PropositionICC - International Cricket CouncilLPG - Liquefied Petroleum GasADR - American Depository ReceiptsPLR - Prime Lending RateECG - Electro Cardio GramCRT - Cathode Ray TubeLED - Light Emitting DiodeSOA - Service... Continue Reading →


एकदा एक मुंगी स्कूटर वरून जात असताना एकदम खाली पडते. का?- कारण स्कूटर संपते-----------------------------------------------------------------एका माणसाला ४ बहिणी असतात. तर त्याच्या मुलाचे नाव काय असेल?- आत्याचार-----------------------------------------------------------------भगवान शंकरानी जर त्यांचे आत्मचरित्र लिहायचे ठरवले तर त्या आत्मचरित्राचे नाव काय असेल?- कैलास जीवन!-----------------------------------------------------------------एक मराठी माणूस आपल्या आईच्या आज्जीच्या नावने bank सुरु करतो...तर त्याचे नाव काय असेल?- आय ची आय... Continue Reading →

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

This thing amused me a lot - especially after having just completed Atlas Shrugged - which is about 1200 pages long!Have you heard of 'Flash fiction'? (or 'sudden fiction' or 'microfiction', 'micro-story' or 'postcard fiction' or 'short short story')I hadn't - till I came across this Ernest Hemingway's six-word flash, "For sale: baby shoes, never... Continue Reading →

The Best Drunken Conversation

The best drunken conversation:What is the man saying here?My answer: I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I AmWhat's your answer? Come on...shooooot; let your creative and witty juices flow... :)~ Kaustubh

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

...................................................(last paragraph...)I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a wood And I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference ~ Robert Frost

My desktop wallpaper…

Just a thought came to my mind - to share my desktop wallpapers, from time to that I can remember in future what my mood was look at that poin in time...(not that there is any 'deep thought' in having those as wallpapers - but definitely it says something...)Current wallpaper:Previous wallpaper:The next change will... Continue Reading →

Jai Ho!

Finally, my looooooong time wish is going to come true...I will be attending 2-times Oscar winner A R Rahman's concert in my home city - Pune on 31st May 2009...bought the Silver pass today...can't wait for the concert...too eager to experience the Rahman magic!!!~ Kaustubh

“झाड”: एक कविता

कविता आणि मी - हे समीकरण फारसं कधी जुळंल नाही (कविता म्हणजे - काव्य...कविता नावाचा इतर कुठलाही पदार्थ आमच्या अवतीभवती नाही)...तर मी कवितेत फारसा रमलो नाही कारण मला त्यातले फारसे कधी कळलेच नाही...  (’आपल्याला एखाद्या गोष्टीतले कळंत नाही’ हेच बऱ्याच लोकांना कळंत नाही...मला ते कळते आणि ते मी मान्य करतो हे काय कमी आहे?). आमचे मास्तर,... Continue Reading →

Black is beautiful…than ever before

Obama effect is spreading faster than Swine Flu!!! Black is beautiful...than ever before.Shortly after Obama was elected as first Black US president, current James Bond, Daniel Craig said that the world was now ready for a Black BondTo take things further, Will Smith declared himself to be the best suited as Black Bond.And now -... Continue Reading →

Rule of 20: Remembering Mr. B

Mr. B was my neighbor in the UK - A nice person, tall, dark (Black, to be precise), handsome and well-built (excellent sprinter!). I guess there is something about the Black genes that make them well-built, by default - unlike our Indian (mutated) genes: No matter what we eat, or how much we exercise, we... Continue Reading →

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