Puzzle: Six Rectangles


Logic Puzzle

January = 1017 February = 628 March = 1335 April = 145 May = 1353 June = 1064 July = 1074 August = 186 September = ?

Chess Puzzle

For all the chess masters out there, can you solve this puzzle? The pieces move just like in chess and every move you make has to take another piece until only one is left standing. Which piece is the last one left, and where?

More on Rubik’s Cube

Yesterday I wrote a blog on Self-solving Rubik's Cube Here is some more stuff on Rubik's Cube. This guy made a world record in solving a single 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube, in 4.73 seconds (not minutes, but SECONDS!). Here is a video by Matt Parker who talked to Feliks Zemdegs, the current world record holder where... Continue Reading →

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