Chess Puzzle

WHITE TO PLAY & MATE IN 17 Is 17 too long? The first 12 moves probably aren't hard to find. However, finding the 5-move finish might require a bit of imagination! 🙂 — Kurt Keller (after Sergeyevich Kakovin), Die Schwalbe 2022

Update: Phrazle – New Wordle Variant

I have written a few blog posts on Wordle and various variants of Wordle. Here is one more addition to it called Phrazle. It contains a phrase in English instead of one word, and hence it gets a bit more complicated. There is one additional clue which tells us whether the letter is present but... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle By Sam Loyd

Sam Loyd (1841-1911) was a well-known American chess player, chess composer and puzzle author. I had read his book of mathematical puzzles selected by the legendary puzzle composer and columnist Martin Gardner. However I didn't know that his chess puzzles were so great. Sam Loyd studies can be frustrating. This one is not too bad,... Continue Reading →

More On Wordle: Wordle2 And Quordle

Wordle wave has settled by now. Those who have already adopted it are doing it, and those who haven't are unlikely to start it. Numerous strategies and tactics have been thought of by people to solve it in the least amount of attempts. To be honest, solving it in 6 attempts has become easy now.... Continue Reading →

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