Chess Puzzle

Today's chess puzzle was composed by S. Leow in 1849. White to move and mate in 4 moves. It is pretty straightforward but with a very beautiful trick at the end...

My Experiment With Paid Blogging

I have been blogging less frequently of late because many things are happening on personal and work front (most of them ranging from not-so-nice to very ugly). However, there is another reason too. I have started a new experiment with focused blogging and something which I had in mind as an idea for quite some... Continue Reading →

Puzzle: Carousel Decking

Puzzle: Carousel Decking You are tasked with painting the decking (the blue shading) of the carousel pictured. The one measurement you make, denoted by the red line, is 42 metres. What is the area of the decking?

Chess Puzzle

This is an amazing position. Guess the move found by Paul Morphy as Black. Black to move and win. Game: Napoleon Marache vs Paul Morphy, 1857.


X1 ÷ 1X = 3What is X = ? Hint: X can be a digit or a number (a combination of digits)

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