Puzzles: Pawn Mower

Maurice Ashley is a Jamaican-American chess player, author, and commentator. In 1999, he earned the FIDE title of Grandmaster, making him the first black person to do so. Ashley is well known as a commentator for high-profile chess events. He also spent many years teaching chess. In 2010 he developed a type of puzzles using... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle

Black has an active queen, but White hopes to take advantage of the weakened back rank and somehow turn the tables! 🙂 It's WHITE TO PLAY. Can he win? 1.Rb2, 1.Rd2, and 1.Re2 are the candidate first moves. But which of them is the best? And why? — Dawid Przepiórka, 1920

Chess Puzzle

WHITE TO MOVE AND MATE IN 2 Is this really a mate in 2, with the white king so severely exposed on b4? Well, well, well… there are more things in the kingdom of Caïssa, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy! 🙂 — Godfrey F. Heathcote (Revue d'Échecs 1904, 1st Prize)

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