History of Chess Grandmaster

I came across following interesting information about Chess Grandmasters. Don't know if it's true; probably it is. THIS DAY IN CHESS HISTORY: On April 21, 1914 at the start of the St. Petersburg International chess tournament. It was in this tournament the term "grandmasters" were first used. When the preliminaries were concluded the top five... Continue Reading →

A Documentary on How Google Search Works

Google search home page is good at using Doodles for celebrating events, festivals, people etc. and nudging people into exploring further details by clicking on the Doddle. If you want to check the repository of all the doodles click here. I regularly check such doodles and explore further. Last week I came across a hyperlink... Continue Reading →

If You Like English Language/Grammar

It's been ~25 years since I formally studied English language (as part of academic curriculum) and read through Wren and Martin grammar book. Since then I have read lots and lots of books in English, but mainly related to the area or topic of interest. For example, Murder mystery, Humour, Management books, Novels etc. And... Continue Reading →

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