Empires and Rulers of India

Saw this interesting video of various dynasties and rulers that ruled India from ancient times... This raises several questions in my mind, if the depiction is true. Why do we have so many regional languages if the empires were so widespread and for such long periods? The languages in many cases are not derivatives of... Continue Reading →


Self-solving Rubik’s Cube and General Purpose AI

I like mathematics, puzzles, problem solving, brain teasers etc. I knew what Rubik's Cube was. But somehow I never saw one till I was 35 years old! Strange, but true. To be precise, I should say, I discovered Rubik's Cube at that time. Got fascinated. After many months of tinkering (and also with help from... Continue Reading →

The Most Accurate Horoscope Till Date…

Here is the most accurate horoscope till date...understand it clearly: ग्रहाणां चरितं स्वप्नेऽनिमित्तौत्पातिकं तथा । फलन्ति काकतालीयं तेभ्यः प्राज्ञा न बिभ्यति ॥ - महाभारतम् The planets’ movements, dreams, omens - all these are mere coincidences. Wise men don’t fear any of them! - Mahabharata

Science Is God…At Least In This Case

Science is all about perpetual search of the truth, exploring the unknowns and expanding boundaries of human endeavors. I just came across a video and a story on Twitter about a ground breaking achievement in medical science. This amazing technology lets a double amputee control his prosthetics using his thoughts! #modularprosthetics #modular #tech #innovation Here... Continue Reading →

Humor: Mobile Addiction

Some time back I asked my friend if he used "smart phone". He replied: "नही, मै आज भी सर उठा के चलता हॅूं!" ("No, even today I walk with my head held high") This is so true of Mobile (Smart Phone) Addiction...it makes you lower your head, not in shame, but often in irreverence to... Continue Reading →

Henry Ford On Advertising

I have written multiple blog posts on Henry Ford which you can check here. I feel that his book/biography "My Life and Work" must be included as essential reading for any Management course. Couple of his other books are also excellent (including the one on his relationship with Thomas Edison, titled "Edison As I Knew... Continue Reading →

Good Read: Unit Economics matter, Scalability of the Unit Economics matters more…

I came across this article on LinkedIn, written by Raghav Bahl of Bessemer Venture Partners (Link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/unit-economics-matter-scalability-matters-more-raghav-bahl/) and thought of sharing. This is somewhat similar to a Marketing Assignment I had done during my MBA. Will write a blog on that some other day. Meanwhile, do check this article: I like entrepreneurs who think hard about... Continue Reading →

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