Good Read: Rat Race

The Flight landed! Everyone got up & rushed to move out of the flight, they stood for a long time, till the doors opened. If I were a child on my first flight I would have thought "Maybe the plane will take us away if we don't get off quickly or the plane is on... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday, Warren Buffett!

It's Warren Buffett's birthday today! Born on 30th August 1930, he completes 89 years today...and continues to be healthy and active! Here is a very good documentary on his life: I am hugely influenced by Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger (born on 1st January 1924, he also remains healthy and active, even... Continue Reading →

RIP Sushma Swaraj…

Yesterday (6th Aug 2019) was supposed to be a historic day for India. And it was...! Abrogation of Article 370 Bill was passed in Lok Sabha yesterday. It was passed in Rajya Sabha on 5th Aug. The decision was very controversial and a long pending one. Just looking at the news paper clippings from India... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Question Mark…

Ramana Sir shared following message today: "The question mark bows down to sign of exclamation, All queries are surrendered and pure bliss results. What a beautiful depiction of Gurupurnima." Actually I wanted to blog on Guru Pournima (16th July, Tuesday) but somehow couldn't. The above may have different/deep meaning which is beyond my grasp. So... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “The Upside of Being A Late Bloomer”

I recently came across this interesting and thought provoking article titled "The Art of Blooming Late" which appeared in the May-June 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review. Nassim Nicolas Taleb once dismissed HBR and similar publications as "Soft porn for intellectuals"! He is usually dismissive of such publications and "research materials" which use circular citation... Continue Reading →

Once In A Blue Moon…

What is the meaning of "Once in a Blue Moon"? 🤔 A Blue Moon 🌑 refers to the second of two full moons 🌕 to fall within a single calendar month. According to Google the frequency of a blue moon is f=1.167×10-8 hertz thus converting to years: Once in Blue Moon 🌑 ~= 2.7 years

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