Puzzles: Pawn Mower

Maurice Ashley is a Jamaican-American chess player, author, and commentator.

In 1999, he earned the FIDE title of Grandmaster, making him the first black person to do so. Ashley is well known as a commentator for high-profile chess events. He also spent many years teaching chess.

In 2010 he developed a type of puzzles using chess which he called Pawn Mower (rhyming with “Lawn Mower” because the objective of puzzles is similar to a lawn mower except that you are supposed to capture pawns instead of grass).

You actually don’t need to be a chess player to solve these puzzles. All you need is to know how chess pieces (Queen, Rook, Knight and Bishop) move. That’s all.

The objective is always the same . For a given position you are supposed to capture all pawns on the board using the only piece you have in such a way that you capture one pawn in every move and you don’t make any move without the capture.

Easy? Then try below elementary puzzles first and once you get a hang of it, try advanced ones which require 10 captures.

I liked these types of puzzles. They are good to teach kids and even the elders some creative thinking!

Now try some advances puzzles:


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