Letter Writing!

This post is inspired by Ramana Sir's blog post with the same title - Letter Writing!I started typing my thoughts in his blog's comments section and thought why not write a hand-written note in letter format! So here it is...this also marks my last post with handwritten contents...those who follow my blog would have noticed... Continue Reading →

Task List for 2019

Last year I vowed NOT to have New Year resolutions. And at the end of the year I am happy that it did not deter me from the things I wanted to do during the year. In fact, I did much better this year on my goals than I did when I set some new... Continue Reading →

Whose Line Is It Anyway…

"Clever lines routinely travel from obscure mouths to prominent ones" - Ralph Keyes in "The Quote Verifier: Who Said What, Where, and When" I came across this line in the context of a famous quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” which is commonly attributed to Aristotle.... Continue Reading →

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