The Struggle of the Original iPhone – The Untold Story

One of the few people I admire includes Steve Jobs. He was eccentric and probably not a nice man to work with or live with. But he was equally amazing in thinking big, innovation, execution and relentless pursuit of excellence. His ability to see future and to sell ideas/dreams was pure genius! I still watch... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Rajiv Bajaj is one of my favourite Indian business leaders and I have blogged about him many times. It was through Rajiv's talk that I got to know about Al Ries and Jack Trout. I had heard their names, but not followed them as keenly. Rajiv spoke highly of the two, especially Jack Trout who... Continue Reading →

My Blog Featured In IIM-A Alumni Magazine

I had written a blog on lessons in Marketing via cooking sometime in October 2018. I had sent the same to our alumni web magazine/newsletter and had forgotten about it. I recently got to know from a feedback from my IIM-A classmate that the article was actually published in the IIM-A newsletter called WIMWIAN in... Continue Reading →

Book: Marketing Warfare

I am an Engineering student who went on to pursue MBA. Mathematics is my most favourite subject. I have always been a maths/science/engineering/logic kind of person. Even during MBA I liked the subjects which were extensions of the above i.e quantitative methods, business statistics, accounting and finance. Because those were concrete and deterministic subjects. However... Continue Reading →

New Fevicol Ad – Fevicol Sofa

Fevicol completes 60 years of building bonds in 2019. To celebrate this milestone they have launched an amazing Ad called "Fevicol Sofa". This TV ad shows the journey of a sofa built in 1959 and how it moves through generations. The Ad was released on 23rd August and in just 4 days, it has received... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Brands

During my studies in the UK, there were few Professors who I immensely liked. One of them was our Marketing Professor, Dr. Malcolm who taught us basic concepts of Marketing so well that they are engraved in my mind forever. The First Principle of Marketing, he said, was: "Demand = Needs + Wants." Needs are... Continue Reading →

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