Happy B'day Charlie Munger

I have written multiple times about Charlie Munger - partner of Warren Buffett and one of the few living people who are my idols! Charlie is a living legend and today he completes another year - his 96th birthday! Charlie was born on 1st January 1924 and still continues to be very active and sharp!... Continue Reading →

हर मुलाकात का अंजाम जुदाई क्यू है…

सध्या (म्हणजे गेले २ आठवडे) मी जिओ सावन ऍप वर गज़ल ऐकतोय...फिल्मी आणि गैरफिल्मी. त्यातून मला बऱ्याच न ऐकलेल्या गज़ल ऐकायला मिळाल्या... विशेष करून फिल्मी गझल.अर्थ समजण्याच्या बाबतीत एकूणच आनंद आहे, आणि समजावून सांगेल असेही कुणी परिचयाचे नाही... पण गाणी म्हणून आवडल्या...  त्यातल्या एका गज़लचे हे शब्द मात्र भावले - हर मुलाकात का अंजाम जुदाई क्यू है... Continue Reading →

Vishwanathan Anand Turns 50!

Today is Vishwanathan Anand's 50th birthday! The best ever chess player from India and one of the world's All Time Best Chess players was born in Chennai (erstwhile Madras) on 11th December 1969. He became India's first Chess Grand Master in 1987 and since then he continues to be India's highest rated player! He is... Continue Reading →

Three Good Short Films

The first one is a 1964 short film - Two - by Satyajit Ray. It is supposed to be symbolic of war between America and Vietnam. The rich kid is said to be Raj Kiran, who later became a Bollywood actor in 1980s. In 1964, renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray was asked to create a short... Continue Reading →

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