Two Good (and Too Good) Women-centric Short Films

Wanted to share few good short films I watched over last few months. Somehow I'm falling behind the "To Blog" list because of work and household chores. I have 6 drafts waiting to be posted, but not finding time. Anyways, do check these two women-centric short films. First one is Devi starring Kajol, Shruti Hasan,... Continue Reading →

Interview of Viswanathan Anand

Really liked this interview of Vishwanathan Anand! Also enjoyed his book, which covers lot of things he discussed in the interview...and many thoughts, observations go beyond chess and can be applied to other aspects of life. By the way, I played a classical chess tournament last week after a gap of 7 years and... Continue Reading →

थप्पड – एक वादग्रस्त विषय आणि काही “अनुभव”

नुकतेच तापसी पन्नू अभिनित आणि अनुभव सिन्हा दिग्दर्शित थप्पड या चित्रपटाचे ट्रेलर रिलीज झाले. एका अतिशय संवेदनशील आणि वादग्रस्त विषयावर तो आधारीत आहे. मला ह्या चित्रपटाबद्दल विशेष उत्सुकता आहे. अनुभव सिन्हाला गेले काही महिने मी खूप फॉलो करतोय... ट्विटर वर, इतर मुलाखती वगैरे... मोदी आणि भाजप यांचा  प्रचंड तिखट टीकाकार हा आमच्यातला समान दुवा. पण त्याआधी... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Khan – Salim Khan

Among the three Khans - I like Aamir and Salman. I don't like Shah Rukh much, and the liking for him is diminishing every year. Aamir is very smart, intelligent, knows his strengths and limitations and understands film medium well. Salman, on the other hand, is a "cursed soul" or "a brat/thug/criminal" based on how... Continue Reading →

Nice Interview of Anatoly Karpov

A lot has been said and written about Kasparov vs Karpov chess rivalry. Even Kasparov has written/spoken at length about Karpov - both good things and not-so-good things. However Karpov still remains a mystery man. Probably because he is not very fluent in English and hence enigma for the English speaking world. Here is one... Continue Reading →

William Dalrymple on The Anarchy

One of my favorite literary events is Jaipur Lit Fest, which is now well established after 8-10 years of its existence. I follow on YouTube a lot of talks from the Lit Fest. Just a couple of days back I watched this talk by historian William Dalrymple's on his book The Anarchy - which tells... Continue Reading →

Happy B’day Charlie Munger

I have written multiple times about Charlie Munger - partner of Warren Buffett and one of the few living people who are my idols! Charlie is a living legend and today he completes another year - his 96th birthday! Charlie was born on 1st January 1924 and still continues to be very active and sharp!... Continue Reading →

हर मुलाकात का अंजाम जुदाई क्यू है…

सध्या (म्हणजे गेले २ आठवडे) मी जिओ सावन ऍप वर गज़ल ऐकतोय...फिल्मी आणि गैरफिल्मी. त्यातून मला बऱ्याच न ऐकलेल्या गज़ल ऐकायला मिळाल्या... विशेष करून फिल्मी गझल.अर्थ समजण्याच्या बाबतीत एकूणच आनंद आहे, आणि समजावून सांगेल असेही कुणी परिचयाचे नाही... पण गाणी म्हणून आवडल्या...  त्यातल्या एका गज़लचे हे शब्द मात्र भावले - हर मुलाकात का अंजाम जुदाई क्यू है... Continue Reading →

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