पुस्तक परीक्षण – “मोठी तिची सावली” – मीना खडीकर

हे पुस्तक म्हणजे रूढार्थानी चरित्र नाही. तर स्मृतिचित्र आहे. चरित्र आणि स्मृतिचित्र मध्ये मोठा फरक म्हणजे स्मृतिचित्र लिहिणाऱ्याला काही मोजक्याच किंवा निवडक घटना, व्यक्ती, मते, विचार याबद्दल लिहिता येते. पण चरित्र लिहिणाऱ्याला तसे करता येन नाही. म्हणूनच कदाचित मीना खडीकर, लता मंगेशकर यांच्या सख्ख्या भगिनी (ज्या केवळ २ वर्षे लहान आहेत आणि ज्यांनी लता मंगेशकर... Continue Reading →


Amazing Anthony Deden!

I stumbled upon this long interview (2 hrs 25 mins) of Anthony Deden who is Chairman of Edelweiss Holdings! He is amazingly articulate and his clarity of thought (in his domain) reminded me of Charlie Munger! Watch this interview at leisure and with full attention...and let it sink in...slowly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4_U6bS-cU4

Rap Song: Smoke Shisha Play Fifa

I use Youtube not for entertainment but for learning, insights, and interesting, creative, thought provoking stuff...well, almost 80% of the times. I recently checked my Youtube history and noticed that it was mostly serious, intellectual, and no-nonsense videos. I did have many music videos (Indian Classical, Movie songs, Children's songs, Concerts etc), but nothing wacky... Continue Reading →

2019 through Recreational Mathematics!

Recreational mathematics is mathematics carried out for recreation (entertainment) rather than as a strictly research and application-based professional activity. By that definition, a big part of my interest in mathematics is recreational - because I don't use it for research or professional activity. I used to solve lot of puzzles since childhood and still love solving puzzles. One of interesting... Continue Reading →

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