I am NOT OK. You are NOT OK.

Our Professor of Organizational Behavior at IIM-A one day asked: So, how are you feeling now? Some people said that they were feeling OK. I think the Professor was expecting someone to say that so that she could pick up on that and go on. Professor told us that we often use words that don't... Continue Reading →

Going “viral”

When I was a kid, "viral" referred to a type of infection/disease/health issue. Something caused due to a "virus". However, in last few years since the advent of Social Media, "viral" has a new meaning. Today, “going viral" refers to the sharing of something — often a video or a website link — via email or... Continue Reading →

श्री. शि. द. फडणीस /S.D. Phadnis

These cartoons are by famous Indian cartoonist S.D.Phadnis. Awesome work...he doesn't use caption or speech bubble. His illustration are good enough.सुप्रसिद्ध व्यंगचित्रकार (किंवा अर्कचित्रकार) श्री. शि. द. फडणीस यांची काही चित्रे


Today is 8th August. It reminded me of the inauguration of Beijing Olympics 2008. I was in the UK then pursuing MBA and was surrounded by several Chinese students. I remember what a great moment it was for them and how the event was celebrated and promoted on campus. 8 is very auspicious number in... Continue Reading →

Elon Musk – 1 Page Resume

This resume for Elon Musk proves you never, ever need to use more than one page. Let's say your accomplishments vary and range from creating an electronic payments industry to invigorating the solar energy market to inventing high-performance electric cars to launching a commercial space and rocket industry. You may think that all of that... Continue Reading →

Fun games/ puzzles…

Here are some of the puzzles/games that you can (rather should!) try during office hours...in fact from my personal experience I can tell you that these are more fun if tried during office hours!!! 😀 Artificial IntelligenceCave PuzzleCross the bridgedots_and_boxesFather and girlsFlitzebogenFrog LeapGolfMOSQUITOOpen_the_doorPacmanParkingLight them all...Telescope_gameTetris - BricksWater Sharing puzzleWorld Cup Shoot Out~ Kaustubh

Now, BPOs to be run by prisoners

This is interesting...so now don't get scared if you call up Customer Service and are greeted from other end in Tapori language :)Another implication - the HR policies will have to be tweaked a bit to deal with 'unsatisfied' employees from this lot...or else the discussion could prove fatal!!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now, BPOs to be run by prisonersHyderabad: Clicking... Continue Reading →

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