The Curse of Smart Phones and Social Media


Illusion and A Lesson

I came across this interesting illusion. It seems as if the circle of white DOTS is moving inside the circumference of the larger circle. Check it out: Well, it's an illusion! If you see closely, each white DOT is moving along a straight line passing through the center. The dots move in a staggered manner... Continue Reading →

What Is Education About?

I saw this message on Twitter and it got me thinking about the state of education/schooling system. Here is the message: What I needed to learn in highschool: Public speaking Customer service People management Conflict resolution Critical thinking Accounting Financial planning Software development How to mentor Creativity Critical thinking Negotiation How much of our school... Continue Reading →

Hypocricy Thy Name Feku

How do you spell hypocricy? More importantly, how do you handle it? Rupee touched 72 per dollar today. Petrol is at Rs 86 in Pune (more than half of it is by virtue of taxes) Amazon, Wal-Mart, Ikea et al have started operations in India and expanding... On this backdrop I am repeatedly playing the... Continue Reading →

Just for Fun: Food for Thought

Interesting thought... Applying Logic to explain the nonsense. From 2009 to 2012, during the United Progressive Alliance's second term, Kaushik Basu served as the Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India.... ... ... ... Now you know why the UPA-2 was thrown out of power 😂🤣 P.S.: I am making the same mistake... "Applying... Continue Reading →

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