The Beauty in Chess

I consider myself lucky that I discovered the astonishingly beautiful game of Chess very early in my life. My two cousins played a big role in introducing me to chess and giving me the early support to sustain the learning curve and make it fun! I am not a great player by any yardstick; but... Continue Reading →

Campaign in Poetry. Govern in Prose

"You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose." - Mario Cuomo, the former Governor of New York Modifying this quote suitably to apply to the Corporate world: Marketing/Sales/Business Development/Advertising pitch to their clients in "poetry". However, Product Development, Project Management, Service Delivery, Fulfillment, Operations etc. departments have to finally deliver in "prose". Poetry can do... Continue Reading →

Thinking out of the box

An old man who sells watermelons had his pricelist read: 1 for $3, and 3 for $10 A young man stopped by and bought 3 watermelons one by one paying $3 for each As the young man was walking away, he turned around and said: "Hey Oldman, do you realize that I just bought 3... Continue Reading →

Happy Trolley Day!

Happy #trolleyday! Today's the birthday of Philippa Foot, the mother of one of the best known ethical dilemmas of our time: the 'trolley problem'. The original trolley problem is as follows: A brakeless trolley nears.If you don't act, 5 people will die. These five people are already on the regular track (i.e. consider it as... Continue Reading →

Friendly Reminder to All Neurodivergents

Friendly reminder to all neurodivergents: You are not stupid.The system we have for measuring “intelligence” is. You are not difficult.The societal norms we have to navigate around are. You are not too much.The society that expects us to always “fit in” is. You are not broken. You’re just different. And to me, different is amazing... Continue Reading →

What’s Your $5 Distraction?

The Stanford professor Tina Seelig divided the class into several teams and gave $5 to each team. The goal was to make as much money as possible within 2 hours and then give a 3 minute presentation to the entire class. While some teams used the $5 and 2 hours in traditional ways like buying... Continue Reading →

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