Wordle And Structured Curiosity

If you are on any social media, in particular Twitter, you would have a lot of messages about the new craze/fad called Wordle. It's a word game created by a software engineer for his partner. Interestingly, the name of the person is John Wardle - so Wordle is (also) a wordplay on his name. I... Continue Reading →

“Do Nothing” Strategy Explained By कौआ

When we think of strategic responses/options for any situation/scenario/problem, we often think of multiple ways to respond. However, many a times we forget that "Do Nothing" is also a strategic option. In fact it is Option #1 which is always available. And yet we do not give enough importance, thought to that option. We do... Continue Reading →

Zero Based Thinking in 2022

As part of my MBA I studied Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) in Cost and Management Accounting course. I liked the concept a lot! In simple words the ZBB idea is as follows: Our budgeting exercise is usually incremental in nature. We take this year's budget as a baseline and think about incremental budget required for... Continue Reading →

StatEATistics: What India Eats

Swiggy, one of 40+ Unicorns India produced in 2021, is a food delivery start-up which is losing Crores of rupees, while adding tonnes of calories to Indians who order food at home and stuff themselves. The trend has picked up a lot since COVID hit us in 2020. By virtue of their business Swiggy (or... Continue Reading →

5 Years of Demonetisation Disaster

Today is 8th October. Today marks the 5 years of Demonetisation Disaster. The biggest scam was unleashed upon whole India by the Prime Monster (or Moron?) at 8 PM on 8th November 2016. India is still recovering from that setback. It was not just a disaster or a bad decision implemented poorly. It was a... Continue Reading →

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