Puzzle: Find Radius of Red Circle


Math Humor in Hindi

For those who didn't get it: पाय लागू ताऊ जी (Pi Log u Tau g) जीते रहो बेटा (Zeta Rho Beta) P.S: It's said that "It"s not funny if you have to explain the joke". But in this case if you had to read explanation, you are "mathematically challenged". The joke IS funny!


Use digits in the place of letters to solve the above equation. Each letter represents different digit.

Puzzle of The Week

Very interesting puzzle! On 3 occasions I thought I found the answer...and then found a better solution. Hope I’ve finally got it right... Source: A puzzle group on internet

National Pi Day 2018

Today is National Pi Day (March 14th or 3/14). I had written a blog post on National Pi Day in 2009 which you can read here (the blog post was imported from my old blog and there seems to be some loss of content or distortion of metadata). I joined Twitter on 13th March 2009,... Continue Reading →

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