Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! Founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, Pi (π) Day is celebrated all around the world on March 14, because the date is 3/14. Here is a fun fact,If you're a serious math geek:Celebrate the day exactly at 1:59 a.m. or p.m. so you can reach the first six numbers of pi,... Continue Reading →

Math Fun Fact – Palindrome Date

02/02/2020 is the first date to be palindromic across formats (since 11/11/1111). It is the 67th of 335 palindromic ddmmyyyy dates between 10/01/1001 and 29/09/9092, and the 47th of 331 palindromic mmddyyyy dates between 10/01/1001 and 09/29/9290

Happy National Mathematics Day 2019!

Today is birth anniversary of genius mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan (b: 22nd December 1987), which is also celebrated in India as National Mathematics Day! I woke up today with an alert from WordPress that number of visitors to my blog had suddenly surged. And it happened to be because of my blog post on Srinivas Ramanujan... Continue Reading →

Happy Palindrome Week

HAPPY PALINDROME WEEK! The next 10 days are palindromes, meaning the date reads the same backward as forward. Of course this is true for American date format and that too when month is expressed as a single digit (and not as 09)

Math Is Fun…

Math is fun... Don't believe? Check this...hope you enjoy it! How much is: 230 - 220 x 0.5 = ? ... ... ... ... ... ... You would be amazed that answer is just 5!

Remembering Riemann

Bernhard Riemann was a great German mathematician who died in 1866 at the age of 39. You can read more about him here Riemann as a Ph D student Here is a list of things named after him. • Riemann bilinear relations • Riemann conditions • Riemann form • Riemann function • Riemann–Hurwitz formula •... Continue Reading →

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