Interview of Viswanathan Anand

Really liked this interview of Vishwanathan Anand! Also enjoyed his book, which covers lot of things he discussed in the interview...and many thoughts, observations go beyond chess and can be applied to other aspects of life. By the way, I played a classical chess tournament last week after a gap of 7 years and... Continue Reading →

Naseeruddin Shah’s Candid Interview on CAA/NRC Protests

Watch this candid interview of Naseeruddin Shah on CAA/NRC protests "PM has never been a student himself. His contempt for them is not surprising." "I don't think Anupam Kher needs to be taken seriously. He is a clown. Any number of his contemporaries from National School of Drama (Kher's alma mater where he pursued... Continue Reading →

Happy B’day Charlie Munger

I have written multiple times about Charlie Munger - partner of Warren Buffett and one of the few living people who are my idols! Charlie is a living legend and today he completes another year - his 96th birthday! Charlie was born on 1st January 1924 and still continues to be very active and sharp!... Continue Reading →

Chat with R. Gopalakrishnan

Algebra is one of the better online platforms/Youtube channels I follow. They do talk shows, 1-on-1 chat with people from various walks of life. Some of them are really interesting and help you discover or connect with new people. Recently I saw one such episode which I am sharing here. It was with R. Gopalakrishnan... Continue Reading →

Stand-up Comedy by Anuvab Pal

I was watching an interview of Kunal Kamra, the young and controversial comedian and writer. He was asked which other comedians he takes inspiration from? Kunal mentioned that he liked the works of Varun Grover, Sanjay Rajoura and Anuvab Pal. I have watched lots of videos, interviews, and stand-up performances by Varun Grover and Sanjay... Continue Reading →

Two (Totally Different) Talks On India UnInc

I recently read a book by IIM Bangalore Professor Vaidyanathan called "India Uninc". I am yet to finish the book, but the overall theme of the book is that the so called "unorganized", "marginalized" sector of India is far more crucial than the attention it gets. The "Incorporated" businesses cover only a small section of... Continue Reading →

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