Outliers: Why Some People Succeed And Some Don’t

I really liked this talk by Malcolm Gladwell and thought of sharing it with you... It's old but very good if you haven't read his book Outliers or don't know the central theme. I haven't read his last two books. Want to check those soon once I am through with the backlog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcMKLwVlpJk&t=3s

Daniel Kahneman and Yuval Noah Harari Together…

Daniel Kahneman and Yuval Noah Harari are two of the great thinkers alive and also among the people I like to follow. I had read Daniel Kahneman's book Thinking Fast and Slow partly. I had really liked it, however it is not an easy read. It is in small type font and very verbose. The... Continue Reading →

Manthan Samvaad 2020

One of the better outcomes of COVID-19 and lockdown is a sudden and sharp rise in online talks, interviews and conferences. Some really good shows have happened since March 2020. Some old talk shows have morphed into the online chat - for example Karan Thapar's chat show, Algebra etc. One such important show is Manthan... Continue Reading →

Manu Joseph Columns in Mint

There are very few Indian columnists who write through-provoking, stimulating columns and write well (as in, with a literary flair). Manu Joseph would rank among the top in that list. I first discovered Manu Joseph through his interviews on Youtube. Here are few of them which you might enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a06Pv7YokA&t=1642s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP-A6FW9qOw&t=1950s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-8zDOrFxKw I then started... Continue Reading →

The Success Story of Zerodha

I like Nithin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha, one of India's cheapest lowest brokerage firm. I have watched/listened to few of his interviews on TV, Radio and his journey is impressive! I am a customer of Zerodha and like the platform (though there are many improvements possible). Here is a detailed chat with Nithin Kamath... Continue Reading →

Why Is India Poor?

I stumbled upon this wonderful session by Manish Sabharwal at Manthan forum titled "Why is India poor?". I follow Manthan forum and really liked the diverse and thought provoking sessions and topics they choose. This one caught my attention because of the title/subject. And I immensely enjoyed it! Highly recommended! Manish talks breathlessly in first... Continue Reading →

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