Constraints-Based Thinking, Strategy As An Art And Chess Puzzle

Recently I attended a leadership meeting where I had a brief discussion with Business Unit Head about the Strategy of our company not to diversify and focus on only one specific Industry vertical i.e. Banking and Financial Services (BFS). This was about Data and Analytics capabilities. I made a point with an analogy which was... Continue Reading →

Secret Diary of Rajiv Bajaj – A Long Interview

I have often written about Rajiv Bajaj who I admire as one of the best young leaders in India (well, he is 55 years old now, so not really young). His clarity of thought is just awesome. And he doesn't mince words while speaking his mind. Recently I came across his new and a long... Continue Reading →

Book: Elephants and Cheetah

I had decided in December 202 that this year (2021) I'll not buy any new book. This is because I already have enough backlog to clear for the whole year. However, when I decided that, it was with one exception. I had already pre-ordered a book in late Dec 2020 which was going to arrive... Continue Reading →

Magic of Powerpoint

NY Times July 30, 1987: Microsoft buys Forethought, maker of PowerPoint, for $14M in cash Today: PowerPoint has 500M usersMicrosoft Office is $30B+ revenue per year$14M of Microsoft stock from July 1987 would be worth ~$10B today This is a good example of the "moat" Warren Buffett always talks about. In a way Bill Gates... Continue Reading →

My Blog Featured In IIM-A Alumni Magazine

I had written a blog on lessons in Marketing via cooking sometime in October 2018. I had sent the same to our alumni web magazine/newsletter and had forgotten about it. I recently got to know from a feedback from my IIM-A classmate that the article was actually published in the IIM-A newsletter called WIMWIAN in... Continue Reading →

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