Innovative Ad by Fevicol

Fevicol is known for innovative ad campaigns. Here is a compilation of old ads... Now there is a new addition, which is equally creative and innovative. Fevicol opened a free store in a mall at Ahmedabad, and it was their wittiest campaign yet. This is out of the box thinking.

Form vs Function, Style vs Substance

Few years ago I had written a blog post about Form vs Function and Style vs Substance. I lost that post few years ago. I deleted the blog (on after taking the backup; unfortunately, that blog could not be imported into the new blog and the archive got corrupted. Anyways, I remember the core... Continue Reading →

The Story of Penguin Books And Indian Crow

I studied in Marathi medium school till 7th standard and semi-English from 8th standard onward (i.e. Science and Maths were taught in English. History, Geography etc were in Marathi). I started learning English in as late as 5th Standard (Age 9 yrs). Till then I didn't know even A,B,C, sounds strange now but yes that's... Continue Reading →

Smarter Every Day…

Winston Churchill once said: "I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught". Churchill was a Punekar (Puneite) in that sense. I too, like any genuine Pune resident, don't like to be taught; but I am always willing to learn! And if you really want to learn with above motto,... Continue Reading →

The New Buffettology: Book Review: Part 1

I recently read this book - 'The New Buffettology' by Mary Buffet (who was Warren's daughter-in-law for 12 years before she divorced her husband and Warren's son, Peter) and David Clark.I immensely enjoyed reading this book; though not a fool-proof, it has some very interesting snippets and anecdote's about Warren Buffet's investment strategies and business acumen. It... Continue Reading →

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