My Experiment With Paid Blogging

I have been blogging less frequently of late because many things are happening on personal and work front (most of them ranging from not-so-nice to very ugly).

However, there is another reason too. I have started a new experiment with focused blogging and something which I had in mind as an idea for quite some time.

I have started blogging on a new blogging platform called ScrollStack.

Here is the link:

This is a blog dedicated to puzzles and brain teasers and is completely “behind the wall” i.e. it’s paid blog where I have priced each blogpost at the bare minimum that this platform allows which is Rs. 10.

Within few days of starting the blog I saw few paid visitors and today I received a pleasant email from the ScrollStack team that my blog featured on their home page!

Do check up if you like solving puzzles, brain teasers and spread the word.

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