The Amazing Nadal And Overhype Of AI/ML

Yesterday was a very fulfilling Sunday after a long long time! I spent good 3-4 hours in the morning at the chess club. There a friend also shared a photo from early 90's which reminded us of our chess times. You can barely see me because I was too engrossed! In the afternoon I watched... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

31st January 2022 गते शोको न कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिन्तयेत् । वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयन्ति विचक्षणाः॥ One should not mourn over the past & should not remain worried about the future. The wise operate in present.

विनोदः कबड्डी

श्वास रोखून…तुझ्याकडे पाहत तिरपा कटाक्ष टाकत.. जप करीत…तुला स्पर्श करण्याचीअनिवार ओढ… आणि हलकासा जरी स्पर्शकेला तरी…जग जिंकल्याच्याधुंदीत, अत्यानंदाने जप करीतच…माघारी येणे…💞 यालाच "कबड्डी" हा खेळ म्हणतात!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

RIP डॉ. अनिल अवचट!

ज्येष्ठ लेखक डॉ. अनिल अवचट यांचे काल निधन झाल्याची बातमी आज वाचली. मी TV वरील बातम्या बघत नसल्यामुळे काल मला समजले नव्हते. ट्विटरवर पण मला काही मेसेज दिसले नाहीत. त्यामुळे आजच वृत्तपत्रात वाचले. अनिल अवचट यांना मी बऱ्यापैकी follow केलंय. मला त्यांचं लेखन आवडायचं. बरंचसं पाल्हाळ, गप्पा मारल्यासारखं असं लेखन होतं. इतरांपेक्षा एकदम वेगळं. नंतर... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

28th January 2022 Stop trying to fix everyone around you. We are all broken in some way. But we are not defined by our imperfections. Be grateful, optimistic and kind.

Wordle And Structured Curiosity

If you are on any social media, in particular Twitter, you would have a lot of messages about the new craze/fad called Wordle. It's a word game created by a software engineer for his partner. Interestingly, the name of the person is John Wardle - so Wordle is (also) a wordplay on his name. I... Continue Reading →

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