One Year of Janata Curfew: Happy Anniversary of Master Stroke No. 56

Let's celebrate today 1 year of the ‘legendary masterstroke’ - Janata Curfew (on 22nd March 2020) which was supposed to end Corona (according to Sonu Nigam and RSS IT Cell). Forward these messages to your Bhakt friends to recreate those memories 😋 THE LOGIC BEHIND JANTA CURFEW . As carona virus life at one place... Continue Reading →

Just For Fun: Karl Marx Was Right. Mark Twain Was Wrong.

Mark Twain famously said: "History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes" Karl Max allegedly said (allegedly because everything about Karl Marx can be viewed with suspicion 😋): "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce" What's happening in my country India is what Karl Marx said. The country is completely rattled and yet most... Continue Reading →

Manthan Samvaad 2020

One of the better outcomes of COVID-19 and lockdown is a sudden and sharp rise in online talks, interviews and conferences. Some really good shows have happened since March 2020. Some old talk shows have morphed into the online chat - for example Karan Thapar's chat show, Algebra etc. One such important show is Manthan... Continue Reading →

Vanity Of A Dictator Exposed

Who will bear responsibility for this? Daily loss of ₹8.5 lakh. A badly conceptualized project funded by public money is no less than corruption. Do we then need Bullet Train and Hyperloop? This is vanity of a dictator and his cronies getting exposed day by day. The person, the party and the ideology which came... Continue Reading →

Third Anniversary of Demonetization

Today is 8th November - the third anniversary of "Demonetization". It was on 8th November 2016 that a lunatic, narcissist megalomaniac called Narendra Modi announced at 8 PM that he would demonetize Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes which constituted 86% of the currency in circulation. It was hailed as a Masterstroke by the... Continue Reading →

India: On The Path Of Becoming Hindu Taliban

If you care for a secular, democratic India, do watch this interview about NRC Assam: After having watched the interview, now read this news in that context: At RSS mega meet, concerns over Hindus being left out of NRC: Sources India is being slowly converted into a Hindu Taliban. It's still the beginning... Continue Reading →

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