The Curious Case of The Taj Mahal

In recent episode of KBC there was one question related to the currency notes. Don’t remember the exact question and the options, but it went something as follows: Which of the following monuments / symbols is NOT present on new Indian currency notes? A motif of Hampi with Chariotthe Sanchi Stupa The Taj MahalThe Mars Orbiter... Continue Reading →

CBI Carries Out Raids in CBI Headquarters Is The New Joke On Feku

Today I saw a tweet by motormouth Congress leader (?) Sanjay Jha. I don't regard him highly (in fact not even lowly), however the question he put across was too important. So I retweeted. Yesterday there was a hilarious news headline: CBI carries out raids in CBI headquarters! The Central Bureau of Investigation is the... Continue Reading →

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

    Today is 149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He was one of the early and major influences in my life. I do not totally agree with his philosophy and actions; however, I admire him for clarity of thought and determination. Mahatma Gandhi has been marginalized now to two things: (1) Face on currency... Continue Reading →

Hypocricy Thy Name Feku

How do you spell hypocricy? More importantly, how do you handle it? Rupee touched 72 per dollar today. Petrol is at Rs 86 in Pune (more than half of it is by virtue of taxes) Amazon, Wal-Mart, Ikea et al have started operations in India and expanding... On this backdrop I am repeatedly playing the... Continue Reading →

Namaskar, Secularism and Hindu Pakistan

My sage-like friend, who I respect not just because of his age, but experience and wisdom, sent me below video highlighting the importance of Namaskar (नमस्कार:) in Hindu culture. While I understood and liked the video in principle, I found it flawed at multiple levels, and thought of writing my views because it serves as... Continue Reading →

2G: The Scam That Wasn’t…

Title of this blog post is borrowed from Cyrus Brocha's popular spoof on current news and affairs called "The Week That Wasn't" where he mocks various news events of the week. Yesterday the 2G scam verdict was announced by the special CBI court. In a major setback to CBI and former CAG, a special court... Continue Reading →

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