Is Vaccination Drive In India A Success?

Government of India recently made a tall claim that vaccination drive in India is a stupendous success and thanked Prime Moron for his visionary leadership.

The numbers so far are impressive. No denying about that. However, the first rule of Performance Measurement 101 is that you are measured against your own targets, benchmarks, hope, hype which you have created…especially when the bar is set high.

Infosys founder Narayana Murthy used to say that their policy was to “undercommit and overdeliver”. They always set moderate expectations and consistently outperformed.

Would you really call it an outperformance? Of course not!

What about the other way round? If you set really ambitious target and achieve half of it? Well, it could still be laudable, if we acknowledge that we only achieved half. But it would be annoying and irritating if someone claims that they have achieved a stupendous success, even when they barely achieve 50 -60%. That’s exactly what has happened in case of the vaccination drive in India.

The loudmouth Prime Moron (or Prime Monster, pick your choice) and his cronies were shouting over the rooftop in Jan-Feb 2021 that they have conquered COVID under the able leadership of PM and all adults in India would be fully vaccinated by Dec 2021.

That was their own target.

And the results are before us. India will achieve only 50-60% target by Dec 2021 end.

Here is the clip which tells the whole story…

I am saying again. India did a marvellous job in vaccinating a huge population. However, it’s disgusting to hear all the bootlickers worship their leader and make false claims.

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