Slumdog Millionaire: Mixed Reviews

I have not yet watched Slumdog Millionaire - the movie that can (and in all probabilities will certainly!) give India its first ever Oscar winner (in form of A R Rahman)But I have heard and read a lot about it. And the reactions have been extremes...simply too great, outstanding, absolute classic OR crap, bull****, over-hyped... Continue Reading →

The New Buffettology: Book Review: Part 2

Another short anecdote from the book 'The New Buffettology' which I liked is about Warren's view about Market - he views investing in market as a deal between you (the investor) and Mr. Market.Here is the extract about Mr. Market:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW MR. MARKET HELPED WARREN GET RICHWhen Benjamin Graham (Warren’s mentor) was teaching Warren about the... Continue Reading →

The New Buffettology: Book Review: Part 1

I recently read this book - 'The New Buffettology' by Mary Buffet (who was Warren's daughter-in-law for 12 years before she divorced her husband and Warren's son, Peter) and David Clark.I immensely enjoyed reading this book; though not a fool-proof, it has some very interesting snippets and anecdote's about Warren Buffet's investment strategies and business acumen. It... Continue Reading →

Just for fun: Celebrating New Year

Someone just asked me: 'How did you spend your first day of the New Year?'I said: I reflected on the year gone by to see what I have gained during the last year...but that proved to be a bad idea...for, the only thing I have gained is...WEIGHT 😦

Happy B’day A. R. Rahman…

A R Rahman turns 42 today...Happy Birthday to A. R. Rahman - my favourite composer and undoubtedly the best of today's generation!!!2008 has been one of the landmark years for ARR - with as many as 6 films he  composed music for viz. Jodha-Akbar, Jaane tu...Yaa Jaane Na, Ada (yet to be released), Yuvvraaj (weakest... Continue Reading →

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