Slumdog Millionaire: Mixed Reviews

I have not yet watched Slumdog Millionaire – the movie that can (and in all probabilities will certainly!) give India its first ever Oscar winner (in form of A R Rahman)
But I have heard and read a lot about it. And the reactions have been extremes…simply too great, outstanding, absolute classic OR crap, bull****, over-hyped etc.
You will find plenty of reviews saying nice things about the movie – so I won’t mention them again. What drew my attention was the following two kind-of-negative reviews.
First, written by IIPM’s self-proclaimed business Guru, Arindam Chaudhari in his blog (
And as his usual practice goes, he published one full-page advertisements in all leading newspapers containing this review.
The other one is by a popular blogger Gaurav Sabnis
Both reviews do not rate the movie highly. And have almost thrashed it…I now want to watch the movie and determine how  I find it. My hunch is that: I will not like it either…
But whatever be it – I sincerely feel that Rahman gets Oscars for this movie. I do not think  (and most people will agree) that Slumdog Millionaire is his best work till date. In fact it is not anywhere close to his Top 10 albums. But the important point is: He is a genius and deserves to be acknowledged at global level… and since he has been nominated for Slumdog… he better get it for the same! So all eyes on 22nd Feb 2009…when winners will be announced…and hopefully history will be created by Rahman, for India!
By the way, while reading the two aforementioned reviews I also came across the serious fight between the two reviewers – about IIPM…and its serious repurcussions…check out more about this here…
And this,
Especially go through the comments on this article, and you will get more insights and further links to explore!

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