A real-life example of Metrics

    Further to my earlier blogs on Metrics, here is a real-life example of Metrics. Our Government's endeavor is to bring in more transparency and make things accountable (and of course, measurable). Right To Information Act 2005 is one such tool through which citizens can seek information on various aspects of governance. Recently, just ahead of... Continue Reading →

Metrics – You are what you measure yourself on!

Even since I studies Statistics, and Six Sigma principles I got interested in Metrics. I had studied a subject on Instrumentation and Control in my under-graduation (Mechanical Engineering). But it was more about what different tools you use to measure, to take readings in conducting experiments. It was not about Metrics - the purpose and principles of setting right... Continue Reading →

Metrics, KPIs and CSFs – in Business and in Life

What is a Metric? Here I am referring to the first definition i.e. a system or standard of measurement, and not the Metric system. Metrics are for measurement. Business Metrics are for measuring Business parameters. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are for measuring performance. Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are for measuring the outcome (of an initiative or a... Continue Reading →

चितळे दूध यांचा (सुधीर जोशी यांच्या भाषेतला) “हलकटपणा”

पुणेकरांबद्दल आणि पुण्यातल्या विक्षिप्त, आगाऊ, विचित्र दुकानदारांबद्दल अनेक विनोद तुम्ही ऐकले, वाचले (किंवा रचले?) असतील... आणि त्यात बऱ्याच प्रमाणात तथ्यदेखील असते. आता आजचेच उदाहरण पहा ना... आजच्या "सकाळ" मध्ये "चितळे बंधू" यांची ही जाहिरात आली आहे. चितळे डेअरी यांनी दुधाच्या दारात वाढ केली. आता यात विशेष काही नाही. पण जर तुम्ही त्याखालचा मजकूर वाचलात तर... Continue Reading →

I will not have any new year resolutions henceforth (after 2017) in my life.

New Year Resolutions – Part 2

I will write a learning log and work on some of my ideas (2 related to charity, 2 related to business/alternate career, 1 related to self-improvement/learning, 1 related to passion/dream). I will do this at least once every 2 weeks. I will implement at least 1 idea. I will put aside some amount every month... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions – Part 1

I have decided to keep New Year Resolutions to only 3 (at max). I have not reviewed previous such resolutions and need to do it soon (though I wouldn't write about it). However, here is the first resolution for 2017 - about #Reading! I will read (at least) 4 new books in 2017 - that... Continue Reading →

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