Happy 60th B’day, Garry Kasparov!

Garry Kasparov, the 13th World Champion and one of the greatest chess players in history, turns 60 today! 🎉 🎂 He dominated the game for more than 20 years as its top-rated player and won every super-tournament he played in for 9 straight years (1981-1990). His use of computers in chess preparation revolutionised the game,... Continue Reading →

Bradman and Tendulkar | The untold story of two of cricket’s giants

I just stumbled upon this interesting documentary on Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar - arguably two of the best batters (now a days batsman has changed to a gender neutral batter!) in the world of cricket. If you are a cricket aficionado (in simple words, a fan...but that word doesn't sound geeky!) you'll enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk is maverick at his best and crazy nut otherwise. He's also world's richest person (or in top 5). This means he can get away with anything; and it seems he is trying to stretch that hypothesis to weirdest levels! It's said that rich man's joke is always funny. The new version of that... Continue Reading →

Harsha Bhogle on The Grade Cricketer

Harsha Bhogle is one of the most intelligent sports commentators of all time! I like Vijay Amrutraj's tennis commentary. I like Sunil Gavaskar's cricket commentary. Both have been very good players of the respective sport. It's not often that people have a long second career (as coach or commentator or administrator) in the same sport... Continue Reading →

RIP Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

The legendary Santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma (born: 13th Jan 1938) is no more. He passed away yesterday in Mumbai at the age of 84. Some people are so great that they are synonymous with the art form they are known for. In India, there are few such legends in the world of music... Continue Reading →

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