Personality Tests: Do You Believe Them?

My friend asked me to take this personality test at and send results. This was on Friday evening. He chased me for 2 days and finally I succumbed to the pressure. I have written such personality tests before and I am very curious to know from experts how they are designed and used. Anyways,... Continue Reading →


Tsundoku, The Subtle Art, and Ramana Sir

A few months ago I wrote a blog "My Week-end Is Booked" where I talked about my decision in 2018 to stop buying new books. However my close friend and IIM-A classmate sent me a book on Advaita and advised me to read. I started it and left halfway through since I was writing an... Continue Reading →

Happy B’day Srinivas Ramanujan

Srinivas Ramanujan, one of the best mathematicians the world has ever seen, was born on this day, 22nd December 1887. His birthday is observed in India as National Mathematics Day. He barely lived for 32 years (died: 26th April 1920) but the work he did in the short span continues to inspire mathematicians even today.... Continue Reading →

Indian Philmey League

IPL 3 has been exciting both on and off field. It has been said often that T-20 format would compete with Bollywood films because it is short (3 hrs), captivating and glamorous. And the predictions were more or less correct!But what was not predicted that time was the IPL itself would become 'philmey' (filmy in Bollywood... Continue Reading →

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