Vishwanathan Anand Answered My Question!

I love game of chess and Vishwanathan Anand is one of my heroes - not just as a chess player but also as a person! I have written blogs on Vishy several times so far. You can search through few of them here. Another great chess player I admire is Garry Kasparov! He is very... Continue Reading →


CBI Carries Out Raids in CBI Headquarters Is The New Joke On Feku

Today I saw a tweet by motormouth Congress leader (?) Sanjay Jha. I don't regard him highly (in fact not even lowly), however the question he put across was too important. So I retweeted. Yesterday there was a hilarious news headline: CBI carries out raids in CBI headquarters! The Central Bureau of Investigation is the... Continue Reading →

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

    Today is 149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He was one of the early and major influences in my life. I do not totally agree with his philosophy and actions; however, I admire him for clarity of thought and determination. Mahatma Gandhi has been marginalized now to two things: (1) Face on currency... Continue Reading →

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