Tsundoku, The Subtle Art, and Ramana Sir

A few months ago I wrote a blog "My Week-end Is Booked" where I talked about my decision in 2018 to stop buying new books. However my close friend and IIM-A classmate sent me a book on Advaita and advised me to read. I started it and left halfway through since I was writing an... Continue Reading →


Data Visualization and Digital Economy Compass 2018 Report By Statista

Statista is a very useful portal for Statistics! It has wealth of information on various domains and presents the statistics and insights in beautiful graphics. Lot of content are paid, but some are free as well. I had attended an elective course on Data Visualization during my MBA and liked it a lot! I have... Continue Reading →

The Story of Penguin Books And Indian Crow

I studied in Marathi medium school till 7th standard and semi-English from 8th standard onward (i.e. Science and Maths were taught in English. History, Geography etc were in Marathi). I started learning English in as late as 5th Standard (Age 9 yrs). Till then I didn't know even A,B,C,D...it sounds strange now but yes that's... Continue Reading →

The Book I Lent You…

Today (23rd April) is observed as "World Book Day". I came across an interesting bookshelf with shelves that made me think. Could you update following bookshelf with your choices? It is an interesting one and I'll try to fill up and post my version sometime soon... But I can immediately mention "The Book I Lent... Continue Reading →

My Week-end Is “Book”ed

I wrote in a recent blog post that I have stopped buying books in 2018 since there is a long backlog of unread books. But it seems books chase me as much as I chase them! Today, I received a parcel from a dear friend. And to my surprise it contained a book! Now my... Continue Reading →

Memories are special, but not always…

Today I saw following tweet by India's ex-cricketer Virender Sehwag Today happens to be the anniversary of India's 2011 Cricket World Cup victory! 7 years since one of the most memorable sporting achievements in the history of Indian cricket... Memories are special...but not all. The last line of Sehwag's tweet led to one such memory:... Continue Reading →

Charlie Munger and Mental Models

Who are your idols? Who have had profound impact on your thinking? Who have contributed a lot in shaping up your personality, your philosophy? Who have inspired you and motivated you? Every person would have some “idols” or influencers. That could be a single person or many people for various aspects/qualities. They could be your... Continue Reading →

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