More Books…!

I am part of a book club (on Telegram) which has ~200 members. I don't know anyone and haven't met anyone. Believe it or not…but a kind person in the group sent me today these two books of my choice as gift! 👇 He said he was giving away 5 books in memory of his... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle By Sam Loyd

Sam Loyd (1841-1911) was a well-known American chess player, chess composer and puzzle author. I had read his book of mathematical puzzles selected by the legendary puzzle composer and columnist Martin Gardner. However I didn't know that his chess puzzles were so great. Sam Loyd studies can be frustrating. This one is not too bad,... Continue Reading →

Avoid “Great” And “Very”

My recent post on Review of Anthony Horowitz Books got many views and like. That was a pleasant surprise to me! I didn't know that Horowitz is so popular and widely searched. But this has motivated me to write book reviews more often! However, today I want to write about another topic which I had... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Anthony Horowitz Books

After a long long time I read two books back to back which were NOT non-fiction. For last few years I have been reading only non-fiction. I needed a break but I wasn't getting any good fiction recommendations. Thankfully, finally I came across one - and the better part was that it was my favourite... Continue Reading →

The Contents I Consume On Internet

Since COVID lockdown in India in March 2020, we all have increased the contents we consume online - be it OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix et al, or Youtube, podcasts, learning courses or blogs/articles etc. The same is true for me. But in my case that proportion was high even before the lockdown. I... Continue Reading →

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