Book Review: The Crooked Timber of New India

Few days ago I blogged about Karan Thapar’s interview with Dr. Parakala Prabhakar which was on the backdrop of his new book “The Crooked Timber of New India”. The book released on 15th May and has already made it to #2 in Top 10 non-fiction books in India.

I had pre-ordered the book and received it on 17th May.

I have almost finished it and should be able to complete by this weekend.

It’s an easy read and since I have been following Dr. Parakala’s blog since long time (the book is an essay version of many of his video blogs, plus few essays written exclusively for the book) it was even more easy to read. However, that’s only the language part. It requires frequent breaks to pause and ponder over some of the hard hitting points.

This book and Aakar Patel’s book (The Price of Modi Years) are the must-read books for every literate Indian who is concerned about the future of India.

Some of Dr. Prabhakar’s observations and insights are so revealing that it’s a textbook to decode how RSS and Modi have systematically destroyed the idea of India that our founding fathers had envisaged.

If you are not able to read the book, or if you prefer audio-visual medium over the book, you should watch this 1.5 hrs long discussion with Dr. Prabhakar about this book.


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