Mission vs Slogan

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans - Peter F. Drucker This quote by Drucker reminded me of what our Economics Professor had said in class: Difference between a mission (or a programme) and a slogan is the committment of resources. A mission is backed by necessary resources (budget,... Continue Reading →

पंढरपूरची पालखी…आणि मुंबई चे डबेवाले

आज पंढरपूर ची पालखी पुण्यात... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG6XkZNUGdU Still remember when the IIM-A Prof talked extensively about Palkhi - Varkari (वारकरी) culture in HRMS class in connection with the case study of Mumbai Dubbawala. He explained the connection between the two beautifully and brought out points which I had never thought about...it was a great learning experience!... Continue Reading →

Quality Gurus and their Key Contributions

Quality Gurus and their Key Contributions Philip Crosby:  The Four Absolutes of Quality Management:  Quality is conformance to requirements Quality prevention is preferable to quality inspection Zero defects is the quality performance standard Quality is measured in monetary terms – the price of non-conformance 14 Steps to Quality Improvement: Management is committed to quality –... Continue Reading →

My new research :-)

My new research: People who cannot distinguish between "loose" and "lose" also confuse between "career" and "carrier". I am willing to bet my entire fortune on this! If you prove my research wrong I will loose bet and end my carrier... I promise!

मराठी v Nod

‪#‎धचामा_2015‬ मूळ मेसेज असा होता - बाजीराव मस्तानी "चित्रपट पाहू नये" आनंदीबाईनी तो असा फॉरवर्ड केला "चित्रपट पाहून ये" ... चित्रपट हिट झाला 😎😎😎 शास्त्रज्ञांनी हे सिद्ध केलेय की जगात........ . . १५७२३४४८९३ लोकं . . , , , , , , , , एवढे आळशी आहेत की त्यांनी आतासुद्धा वर दिलेली संख्या वाचली नसणार.... Continue Reading →

पाणीप्रश्नावर पुणेरी प्रतिक्रिया

अर्धा जून संपला तरी पुण्यात पावसाचा पत्ता नाही. मुसळधार तर दूरच, "कुसळधार" पाऊस ही झाला नाहीये. विरोधी पक्षाच्या एका मा. नेत्यानी पाणी समस्येवर (त्यांच्या शब्दात: शमश्येवर) "धरणं धरावं" असं सुचवलं; त्यावर तितक्याच माननीय नेत्यानी - पण धरणातच पाणी नाही, तर धरणं काय धरणार? - असा व्यावहारीक प्रश्न करून तो विचार फेटाळला. सध्याच्या सरकारचा यज्ञ वगैरे वर गाढ... Continue Reading →

On Segmentation and Caste/Religion etc

Market Segmentation is a way to deliver value. If you manufacture a Rs. 3000 mobile or a Rs. 50,000 mobile you cannot sell it to the entire population. There is no single product or a service (or anything) that suits all. So you create market segments, so that you can identify your "addressable market". You... Continue Reading →

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