Mission vs Slogan


Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans

– Peter F. Drucker

This quote by Drucker reminded me of what our Economics Professor had said in class:

Difference between a mission (or a programme) and a slogan is the committment of resources.
A mission is backed by necessary resources (budget, people, time etc). Without resources a mission just remains a slogan.

The discussion was around Modi Govt initiatives such as Namami Gange (River Ganga Clean-up project) and Smart City.

Ganga Clean-up project was allocated budget of Rs 2037 Crore in the first year (and a separate ministry).
Smart City project (with huge mandate of developing 100 “smart cities” in India) was allocated budget of only Rs 100 Crore in the first year (and no separate ministry/governance structure).

The same about Swachchha Bharat and few other schemes.

It’s a different story that in spite of budget allocation and commitment the Ganga Clean-up project has not moved at all. Ganga is as dirty (and hence sacred?) as it ever was.

So, as Drucker said, what we have for now are only promises and hopes…

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