Michael Jackson

By now all of the living beings (and most of the unborn) have mourned MJ's death. I was going through Michael Jackson death articles and obituaries - and one thing that struck me was: People were pouring truck-loads of adjectives on all the virtues he possessed (and some he never had!)...the same people who sometime... Continue Reading →

उत्कट-बित्कट होऊ नये — संदीप खरे

मी आधी म्हटल्याप्रमाणे अधूनमधून मला आवडलेल्या कविता इथे पोस्ट करत जाईन... नुकतेच मला संदीप खरे ह्याच्या कवितांचे कलेक्शन एकाने फॊरवर्ड केले...त्यातलीच ही एक कविता. बरेच दिवसात ’आयूष्यावर बोलू काही’ ला गेलो नाही, त्यामुळे मला तरी ही कविता नवीनच आहे...==========================================उत्कट-बित्कट होऊ नये, भांडू नये, तंडू नये..असे वाटते आज-काल, नवे काही मांडू नयेनको कुठला नवा भार, जुनेच... Continue Reading →

Unexpected side effects of LASIK eye surgey

No...I’m not talking about any physical side effects that you should be worried about (Been to the clinic today for routine check-up and my eyesight is pretty good now!)I am referring to ‘unexpected side effects’ in lighter vein…I knew the surgery would change the way I see things…but not in this sense LI joined office... Continue Reading →

My LASIK surgery experience

On Saturday I successfully underwent LASIK Eye surgery.Background: My eyesight was very good and never had to wear glasses…until 2009. But in Jan 2009 I went to eye clinic and was diagnosed with Myopia. The power was -1 for the right eye and 0.75 for the left. Though it was pretty less and I could... Continue Reading →

Quote On Power

Recently I read this blog post by a friend about her unpleasant experiences at workplace and her annoying boss.I have very strong feelings against such people who misinterpret their 'authority' or 'power' and exercise it in wrong manner. Using your power in a work related matters is understandable - but cannot be justified when your... Continue Reading →

‘Millionth English word’ declared

First there was lot of hype in the Indian media when it was declared that 'Jai Ho' - the Hindi phrase popularised by Oscar-winner Slumdog Millionaire is competing to be the 'Millionth English word'There is still a wide debate on exactly how many words English language has - some say its impossible to decide exactly... Continue Reading →

निशाणी डावा अंगठा

नुकताच मी ’निशाणी डावा अंगठा’ हा चित्रपट पाहिला...सुंदर चित्रपट आहे! बरेच दिवसांनी एक चांगला आणि आशयपूर्ण चित्रपट पाहिल्याचे समधान मिळाले. (याआधी डोंबिवली फास्ट आणि वळू हे चित्रपट मला आवडले होते....आणि चेकमेट हा आणखी एक वेगळा मराठी चित्रपट आठवतोय. तसे मधले काही चर्चित चित्रपट पहायचे राहून गेले आहे. उदा. गाभ्रीचा पाऊस)बुलढाण्यातल्या रमेश इंगळे-उत्रादकर या प्राथमिक शिक्षकाने... Continue Reading →

Dilbert on Wikipedia

Many people consider Wikipedia as an Encyclopaedia and believe everything up there to be true. (I have even seen some post-graduate students using Wiki as one of the References for their thesis!)Though most of the time information on Wiki would be authentic and credible, Wiki is not the ultimate word on knowledge.A recent Dilbert toon... Continue Reading →

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