No…I’m not talking about any physical side effects that you should be worried about (Been to the clinic today for routine check-up and my eyesight is pretty good now!)

I am referring to ‘unexpected side effects’ in lighter vein…I knew the surgery would change the way I see things…but not in this sense L

I joined office in a couple of days after the surgery – and the first thing I noticed was:

There is a girl (actually a ‘few’ girls) at my workplace that I thought rather ‘good looking’ and ‘cute’! That was with my weak eyesight…but when I joined back, I found that the girl (or girls) were not actually so ‘good looking’ (in fact one was total ‘disaster’!)

(This is because, in spite of weak eye sight I did not use to wear glasses or lenses)

Then we come to my floor where I sit…here we do have some ‘greenery’…and that looked even more ‘green’ with the now-perfect vision…but the tragedy here was something else.

A few girls from this lot used to smile at me whenever we crossed each other – or at least that is what I had thought…and playing a thorough gentleman (which was a difficult act, by the way) I used to return smile (or at least try make a face that would be close to being suspected as smile)

But new ‘vision’ broke that myth…the girls actually used to laugh at me L…or make weird faces when they had gone past (as if they had seen a ‘Jaadoo’ from Koi Mil Gaya)…

Poor Me…I had different thought about myself then and now the vision about real me is clear.

They say ‘Ignorance is Bliss’…I would say ‘Myopia is Bliss

~ Kaustubh