Zero Based Thinking in 2022

As part of my MBA I studied Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) in Cost and Management Accounting course. I liked the concept a lot! In simple words the ZBB idea is as follows: Our budgeting exercise is usually incremental in nature. We take this year's budget as a baseline and think about incremental budget required for... Continue Reading →

Is Vaccination Drive In India A Success?

Government of India recently made a tall claim that vaccination drive in India is a stupendous success and thanked Prime Moron for his visionary leadership. The numbers so far are impressive. No denying about that. However, the first rule of Performance Measurement 101 is that you are measured against your own targets, benchmarks, hope, hype... Continue Reading →

विनोदः पुणेरी माणूस आणि वॅक्सीन

एक पुणेरी माणूस वॅक्सीन घ्यायला जातो,खूप बडबड करत असतो… "डॉक्टर, दुखेल का?"डॉक्टर गप्प. "डॉक्टर, साईड इफेक्टस कधी जाणवतील?"डॉक्टर गप्प. "डॉक्टर, हे वॅक्सीन काम करेल ना? अहो काहीतरी बोलाल की नाही?"डॉक्टर गप्पच! वॅक्सीन दिल्यावर मात्र डॉक्टर म्हणाले,"काळजी करू नका, सगळं ठीक होईल" पेशंटने विचारलं, "आतापर्यंत गप्प होतात आणि टोचून झाल्यावर मग बोललात… असं का बरं?" डॉक्टर... Continue Reading →

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