Harsha Bhogle on The Grade Cricketer

Harsha Bhogle is one of the most intelligent sports commentators of all time! I like Vijay Amrutraj's tennis commentary. I like Sunil Gavaskar's cricket commentary. Both have been very good players of the respective sport. It's not often that people have a long second career (as coach or commentator or administrator) in the same sport... Continue Reading →

Liv Boeree: Poker, Game Theory, AI, Simulation etc.

I recently wrote about my new discovery - Lex Fridman podcast. I am slowly exploring wealth of wonderful guests and their long chats with Lex. To be honest, I know very few names from his guests but they all seem interesting and experts in topics of my interests. One such long podcast I just finished... Continue Reading →

Recreated podcast…

I used to run 2-3 podcasts dedicated to various kinds of music - mainly Hindi Film music, Marathi music and one exclusively dedicated to the Oscar-winning composer A. R. Rahman. But I had to stop them after they exhausted the space limit of free uploads. Just created a new podcast on SoundCloud. Let's see how... Continue Reading →

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