Humour: IKIGAI Parody

I have written earlier on a Japanese concept called IKIGAI. There is also a popular book on the subject (which I have browsed but not yet read) called “IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

I recently came across this hilarious parody cover of IKIGAI book. It’s a pun on IKIGAI using a typical Marathi word…hence it’s difficult to translate effectively. However this Marathi word ITKIGHAI (Itaki Ghai / इतकी घाई) which sounds similar to IKIGAI means “So much haste”. And the subtitle is also very funny: “The Indian secret to short and miserable life” (as opposed to Long and Happy Life).

Wish someone write the actual book with this title which talks about anti-IKIGAI principle in a lighter way.


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