The I’s Have It

An interesting article from the New Your Times...about Obama and his grammar.I never thought Americans cared too much of their grammar (or even what they said!) and Pure English (Read: Queen's English) was a matter of pride and concern of Briton - England, to be precise.When I was 14-15 years of age, my english teacher... Continue Reading →

Slumdog Millionaire and BusinessWeek articles

Came across these two articles from BusinessWeek - both having Slumdog Millionaire as backdrop...interesting read!Hollywood Meets Bollywood as India's Movies Go Global Slumdog Millionaire: India's Biggest Slum

All eyes on Oscars…

'...and the Oscar goes to...!!!'The moment is nearing us...less than 24 hrs. to go before the world will see a new Maestro (the old one for all Indians) - A. R. Rahman, irrespective of whether he wins an Oscar or not.My 'inner voice' says: Rahman will bag 2 Oscars! About 7 years ago every Indian was... Continue Reading →

Chess: Linares 2009 has begun…

Linares, one of the most respected Chess tournaments - equvalent to Grand Slam in tennis, has begun on 18th February 2009.This is the first tournament for Vishwanathan Anand since he retained his World Championship in 2008 - so it is a major test for him. Already Anand (Elo: 2791) has lost his No. 1 spot... Continue Reading →

About Google

As a netizen I visit everytime I connect to internet. Sometime back I read somewhere a quote 'When in doubt search Google; when certain...make it your Home page!'Well I certainly have as my Homepage - and I am sure most of you would have it too...But how many times we browse Google itself?... Continue Reading →

असेच काही तरी: नवीन जोक-बुक

परवा एका मित्राकडे गेलो होतो तेव्हा त्याने ’जोक-बुक’ चा नवीन अंक दाखवला. जोक बुक म्हणजे एका प्रसिद्ध ’विवाह-मंडळाचा’ मासिक अंक. आम्ही त्याला ’जोक-बुक’ म्हणतो.हसून हसून गडाबडा लोळावे असे ’नमुने’ असतात त्यात. काहींचे तर पान भर फोटो पण असतात, कट्रिना किंवा ह्रितिक ला लाजवतील असे मोडेलिंग करत... (बहुतेक फोटो ’जय बजरंग फोटो स्टुडिओ’ वगैरे ठिकाणी काढलेले... Continue Reading →

IPL Player pricing: What makes Dhoni worth $1.15 mn

IPL player pricing: What makes Dhoni worth $1.5 mn?Recenly came across this article in the Economic Times ( IIMA professor has written a paper on IPL valuations which can be downloaded from IIMA website: be honest, I did not quite understand how the valuations were arrived at. When you bundle simple concepts with confusing... Continue Reading →

Unlearning things is difficult too…!

From today I am undergoing hectic 5-day training sessions for PMP certification. This is the second Project Management certification training for me in less than 6 months!The first was PRINCE2 (Projets In Controlled Environment), which is a PMP equivalent certification instituted by UK Govt. and is more prevalent in the UK and parts of Europe.In... Continue Reading →

सा रे ग म प – लिटिल च्याम्प आणि एक आयडिया

आज ’सा रे ग म प’ ची मेगा-फाईनल...सगळ्या मराठी लोकांचे डोळे त्याच्या निकालाकडे लागले आहेत...सध्या आमच्याकडचे वातावरण ’सा रे ग म प’ मय झाले आहे...सगळे जण संगीतातले दर्दी असल्या सारखे सारेगम ची भाषा वापरतात...फक्त कार्यक्रमाच्या बाबतीतच असे नाही तर एकुणच...म्हणजे आई माझ्यावर चिडली की पूर्वी म्हणायची "कौस्तुभ, तुला धपाटा देइन बरं का..." आता म्हणते "कौस्तुभ... Continue Reading →

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