All eyes on Oscars…

‘…and the Oscar goes to…!!!’
The moment is nearing us…less than 24 hrs. to go before the world will see a new Maestro (the old one for all Indians) – A. R. Rahman, irrespective of whether he wins an Oscar or not.
My ‘inner voice’ says: Rahman will bag 2 Oscars! 
About 7 years ago every Indian was glued to TV screens – hoping that Lagaan would win an Oscar…that time nomination was for Best Foreign film category – and not the main stream.
And to be honest – Lagaan was a typical Bollywood masala film – and did not deserve to win. But it is not so this time…Rahman has won nomination in the main stream category…and he deserves to win! 
If the betting trend and media prediction is to be believed, Rahman will most likely be holding the Golden Lady tomorrow…Let’s see!

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