Cause In The End All You Really Have Is Memories

Another year ends today. It seems time is really cruising. 31st December 2016 was 3 years ago! I was going through collection of quotes, sentimental messages I searched and saved on 31st December 2016 and one of the messages read: “Cause in the end all you really have is memories...”! The message really struck a... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

29th December 2019 “It is vain to find fault with those arts of deceiving, wherein men find pleasure to be deceived.” — John Locke, English philosopher.

Thought of The Day

27th December 2019 “The soul has no secret that the behaviour does not reveal”…. — Lao Tzu "Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image". — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thought of The Day

24th December 2019 “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” — Seneca Lucius Seneca worked out this truth Circa 50 CE. Nothing much has changed since then.

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