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Pointers for Superior Stock Picking

Identifying the next big trend:


Assessing the Management and Business dynamics linkage:


Avoiding certain stocks:


And finally…

Metrics for Picking a winning stocks:




75 Hidden Gems…stock picks from Indian small cap

I contributed a write-up to this magazine.

Just got my copy…

Now reading all stock thesis in detail over the weekend. Look forward to lots of in-depth reading and analysis over the week end.

Good read: “Seat Belts, Condoms and the Indian Equity Investor” by The Eighty Twenty Investor

Here is an interesting blog post from The Eighty Twenty Investor titled: Seat Belts, Condoms and the Indian Equity Investor


Last year I attended a workshop on “Value Investing and Behavioural Finance” in which Peltzman effect and many such biases/effects were discussed. Behavioural finance is a funny domain. It is very very difficult, if not impossible, to change human behaviour.

My friend said to me during the workshop: “I doubt if I would be able to correct my behaviour after knowing all such behavioural pitfalls and biases.”

I said: “True, we will commit same mistakes and carry same biases. But now at least we will have a name for it!”

But it is good to expand our “Johari Window” and reduce unknown unknowns and convert them, if possible, to known unknowns. Even if we know what we don’t know, and/or what we cannot change/control, that is good enough.

To quote Socrates: “I know one thing, that I know nothing.”





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