Social Media: Entertainment, Productivity Tools and Something On Vedanta

I wanted to write this blog for last 2-3 weeks, but somehow it kept on getting delayed. Finally, here it is...   Apple iPhone 6 has a feature called Screen Time. It tracks the time you access a specific app and gives you break-up of how long you use iPhone and for what. The broad... Continue Reading →


CNBC’s Warren Buffett Archive

Yesterday I posted a short blog post with link to 2018 Annual General Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. I watched the Live telecast of the AGM till very late night (as per India Time). Some days back I posted a blog on Charlie Munger and shared some of his videos. Few days later I wrote another... Continue Reading →

Charlie Munger and Mental Models

Who are your idols? Who have had profound impact on your thinking? Who have contributed a lot in shaping up your personality, your philosophy? Who have inspired you and motivated you? Every person would have some “idols” or influencers. That could be a single person or many people for various aspects/qualities. They could be your... Continue Reading →

Good Read: the beauty of the ellipsis

I had read this blog post "the beauty of the ellipsis" long back, in 2011, and had liked it a lot! The website (now defunct) was called "mnmlist" and was all about "minimalism" and extreme simplicity. Ever the blog/website template emphasizes minimalism with no clutter, sidebars, widgets and simple plain text on white background. Even... Continue Reading →

Charlie Munger

I am not sure if you follow Charlie Munger - partner of Warren Buffett and Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. If you don't start following right now! He is one of those living legends who continues to shine even at the age of 93! Here are a few Youtube videos of Charlie. Will post more soon...... Continue Reading →

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