Right Brain, Left Brain and Optical Illusion

Today I received a forward on WhatsApp about a color illusion. It said:

If your right brain is dominant , you will see combination of pink and white color, and if your left brain is dominant, you will see it in grey and green color.

Try with ur loved ones, very interesting.

I saw Grey and Green. I am yet to hear from anyone who saw Pink and White, but I’m sure there would be many.

A similar optical illusion was shown by our Finance Prof Sanjay Bakshi in his workshop on Behavioral Finance. Surprisingly, when I thought that it was impossible to see other pair of colors, almost 40-45% in the class of 120 people could see the other pair. It was this image.

I could see Gold and White.

Then I read about this Guardian article about the same optical illusion.


It is interesting how human brain works. What is reality if people see the same object differently?

What is truth? Is there one truth? Or is that subjective?


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