Thought of The Day

30th July 2019 मक्षिकाः शरीरक्षतम् इच्छन्ति। राजानः वित्तं वाञ्छन्ति। अधमाः विवादं काङ्क्षन्ति। बुधजनाः सामरस्यम् अभिलषन्ति। Flies desire wounds. Kings want money. Low people look for quarrel. Noble people like to have peace.

What Makes Great Institutes Great?

What makes great institutes great? In particular, what makes great educational institutes great? I have often thought about both these questions since the time I studied Organizational Behavior. My Professor, a thorough Englishman, had a very humorous way of teaching a boring subject like OB. He talked about organizational Structure and Culture and how the... Continue Reading →

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