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I like Art. Be it music, or dance, or photography, or sculpture or painting/sketching. I consider myself a curator of Art…in fact curator of good ideas and thoughts (refer Thought of The Day initiative) and good things in general.

I like to explore the art material on internet, particularly Twitter.

Here is a collection of Paintings/Sketches on Twitter.


150th Anniversary of All England Lawn Tennis Club

As the All England Lawn Tennis Club celebrates its 150th anniversary and the Open Era its 50th year, Wimbledon remains the lone grass court Grand Slam.

Infographics from Forbes India magazine (July 20)

8th July 1896: First Cinema Show in India

1896: This day 122 yrs ago, the 1st cinema show in India was held at Watson’s Hotel, Bombay (now Mumbai)

This ad appeared in the daily Times of India

Source: Twitter

Today the Indian Film Industry is the largest in the world in terms of the number of movies produced (across 10-12 major languages) every year.

What is a Foley artist?

What is a Foley artist?

Here is a very nice clip of a prominent Foley artist in Bollywood/Indian Hindi Film Industry.

It would be interesting to see foley artist from Hollywood in action and how they create their sounds/tones

Are you color blind? Try this test…

In the world there are about 8% men and 0.5% women have at least one colour defect, only people with perfect eyes sight can recognise or see all letters inside in the 8 different colour boxes. How many you can see?

Give a try and write which words are in each color…

P.S: I managed to write all colors except “2”. I saw it only after zooming the picture…

I am a “Xennial”, How About You?

You must have heard about Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z. I knew these categories of generations at high level but didn’t know the exact definition. So I found it out. Here it goes:

All Generations

Gen Y is also called as “millennials”. Many parents of millennials belong to Baby boomer generation. This generation is more likely to lean liberal in their political ideology, less likely to practice religion than previous generations, and grew up in the age of technology and therefore are very versed in technology.

I was born at the fag end of Generation X and beginning of Generation Y – but, technically, as per above definition I fall under Gen X. But there was another classification I came across – Gen X as people born between 1965-1977. So by this definition I am not part of Gen X.

Gen Y

And I am not part of Gen Y too. So who am I? Terrible identity crisis to live with…right?

Not really…in fact I now belong to the exclusive club – a micro-generation of people born between 1977 and 1983! They are called “Xennials“.

The term was coined in 2014, by Sarah Stankorb in Good Magazine. Merriam-Webster even labeled “xennial” one of its “words we’re watching.”

So what is a xennial?


It’s an interesting classification and nicely captures the amazing paradigm shift that this micro-generation witnessed. For example, refer the last two lines in the above image. They experienced analogue childhood, and a digital adulthood – so true!

Here are some more generic traits of xennials across the world:

  • Xennials were the first generation to grow up with household computers and have internet access. (‘You’ve got mail!’)
  • Xennials are naturals at social media, though they grew up without Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace (the ancestor of FB)
  • Many Xennials didn’t get their first cell phone until they were in their 20s. Instead, they had to call their friends’ homes and talk to their parents first
  • By the time Xennials were 20 years old, the music industry had changed completely. Instead of buying cassette tapes, you could download songs on Napster
  • Xennials may have been hit hardest by the recession, because of a combination of student loan debt, job losses, and other factors

This is so true! I can relate with each of them.

At home, we Indians who are also xennials make up a very special group who have witnessed many great transformations. Let me recount some of these:

  • We have seen the period before satellite Cable TV and when Government owned Door Darshan was the only channel.
  • We have seen the period when you had to wait for several days or weeks to get a two-wheeler
  • Having a telephone (landline) at home was a big status symbol. The telephone used to be wrapped up in some cover and was cleaned as if it is a piece of art!
  • Very few had a PC in their home. It was a real luxury
  • Many people had a video game console (Mario and Tennis games etc)
  • 1.2 MB Floppy disk was the only media available to carry data. It had enough space to save 3-4 good quality images, or many more poor quality ones. The choice was yours!
  • We used to ride bicycle!
  • Some of us (like myself) still used a fountain nib pen and disliked ball point pen (Reynolds) and absolutely hated the gel pen
  • Sachin Tendulkar had just arrived! I remember reading about this “wonder boy” in Sports magazine.
  • Vishwanathan Anand was the only Chess grandmaster and was synonymous with Chess in India! (This was not as typical, but since I used to play chess I knew this)
  • We witnessed the rise and rise of each Khan – first Aamir Khan with QSQT, then Salman with MPK and slightly later that obnoxious, arrogant nobody called Shah Rukh in Deewana and Baazigar.
  • Jhankar Beats and T-Series ruined the soul of songs but were immensely popular
  • Hawa Hawa was a craze. So was Ek Do Teen and Oye Oye and few such songs every year
  • Kumar Sanu won 5 straight Filmfare awards! Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayana, Alka Yagnik and Kavita Krishnamurthy were the “Kishore, Rafi, Lata, Asha” of that generation. The default music composers of any movie were either Nadeem Shravan or Anu Malik
  • Trend of movie acronyms had just started – QSQT, MPK, HAHK, DDLJ and so on
  • For Marathi people, any movie was incomplete without either one of the four – Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, Sachin, Mahesh Kothare.
  • And many more such things…which also changed quickly in subsequent 5-7 years


For some reason if you have forgotten your birth year, then you can take this quiz to check if you are a xennial!

Quiz: Are you a xennial?


AIB: Honest Engineering Campus Placements

If you are/were an Engineering student in India and/or familiar with Engineering Campus Placements, you would love this 3-part funny series by AIB (All India Bakchod).

Warning: Foul and indecent language and references at many places. Viewers’ discretion is recommended

Interesting innovation: Rotation wheel

I received an old video of car with a wheel for rotation. Interesting innovation!

An Important Lesson In Marketing

An important lesson in marketing!

Successful sales are always a bit strange & unique…

#Sales #Marketing

Source: Twitter

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