Swiggy Man Uses Dunzo For Delivery

I came across this interesting news which recently appeared in the Mint newspaper. A person in Bengaluru ordered food delivery via #Swiggy. The Swiggy delivery partner, in turn, booked a delivery via #Dunzo to be sent to the person who ordered it! The Swiggy guy even contacted the end customer and requested him to give him a five-star... Continue Reading →

Chess Update

Since the COVID pandemic broke out there has been many hurdles in the OTB (Over The Board) chess tournaments. However, the online chess has really taken off in a big way! The amazing web series Queen's Gambit which was released soon after the pandemic and lockdown began was a massive boost to Chess. Then came... Continue Reading →

Avoid “Great” And “Very”

My recent post on Review of Anthony Horowitz Books got many views and like. That was a pleasant surprise to me! I didn't know that Horowitz is so popular and widely searched. But this has motivated me to write book reviews more often! However, today I want to write about another topic which I had... Continue Reading →

More on Wordle – Part 2

I wrote "More on Wordle" few weeks back where I shared many interesting formats of Wordle. And I thought that was it. There was nothing more to be explored or improvised in this format. I was wrong - partially. Yesterday I came across a map variant of Wordle which I found very interesting and hence... Continue Reading →

More On Wordle: Wordle2 And Quordle

Wordle wave has settled by now. Those who have already adopted it are doing it, and those who haven't are unlikely to start it. Numerous strategies and tactics have been thought of by people to solve it in the least amount of attempts. To be honest, solving it in 6 attempts has become easy now.... Continue Reading →

Happy TwosDay — 22/02/2022

At 22 seconds past 22 minutes past ten in the evening of the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the 22nd year this century (which falls on a Tuesday, or TwosDay), the time and date will consist of a single repeating digit: the last occasion this will happen in our lifetimes. In the date... Continue Reading →

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