Belated World Sleep Day!

Yesterday, 17th March 2023 was the World Sleep Day. However, since I slept early I couldn't wish you yesterday, and hence thought of sending belated wishes! जमेल तेंव्हा, जमेल तितकी घ्यावीथोडी जास्तच , कमी कधी नाही ।अगदी कमी पडलीच,तर त्वरित भरून काढावी ।। निवांत, निश्चिंतनिर्विवाद घ्यावी । सुखद बिछान्यातकिंवा कचेरी च्या खुर्चीवरन लाजता आराधावी ।।... Continue Reading →

Happy Pi Day 2023

Today is #PiDay in U.S…The rest of the world celebrates it on 22nd July 🙂 (Note - 22/7 is a more accurate 'Pi' value than 3.14). PiDay is also the birth anniversary (144th) of Albert Einstein and the 5th death anniversary of Stephen Hawking. π has captivated mankind for more than 4000 years… The ancient... Continue Reading →

14 Years on Twitter

Today I complete 14 years on Twitter! I joined Twitter way back in 2009 when there were hardly any Indians. I was also an early adopter (compared to other Indians) of FaceBook in 2007 but got bored with it by 2012 and have deactivated the account (not deleted) since then. I have 3 Twitter accounts... Continue Reading →

Just for Fun: Collateral Damage

You must have read the news that California, US based the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) went bust yesterday. The collateral damage had to be incurred by a small bank in India. The Mumbai based Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank had to issue a clarification that they are not the SVB bank that went bust 😄

Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk is maverick at his best and crazy nut otherwise. He's also world's richest person (or in top 5). This means he can get away with anything; and it seems he is trying to stretch that hypothesis to weirdest levels! It's said that rich man's joke is always funny. The new version of that... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

2023 is the only number that is equal to the sum of its digits multiplied by the square of the sum of the squares of its digits, where the sum of its digits and the sum of the squares of its digits are also its prime factors.

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