Just for Fun: Anil vs Mukesh – The Marathi Version

Today's breaking news is that Billionaire-turned-Millionaire business boy Anil Ambani was rescued by his elder brother and Asia's wealthiest person Mukesh Ambani. Anil Ambani's net worth is about $300 million, compared with at least $31 billion in 2008. That marks a stunning fall down wealth rankings in stark contrast to success of his elder brother... Continue Reading →


Pi Day Or Einstein’s Birthday?

Today is National Pi Day (March 14th or 3/14). I wrote a blog on this in 2018 which you can read here. There is a whole website dedicated to Pi Day! Interestingly, Pi Day is mentioned as "National Pi Day" not "International Pi Day". Did you notice that? That's because 3/14 (mm/dd) nomenclature is followed in... Continue Reading →

Word Puzzle: A Figure of Speech

There are 27 idioms or figures of speech hidden in this picture. Try and identity as many as you can. For example, you have: Kicking the bucket and Hitting the nail on the head. Now there are 25 more for you to crack 😇😇 Credit: Mr Prakash via WhatsApp Sharing few answer below, given by... Continue Reading →

Once In A Blue Moon…

What is the meaning of "Once in a Blue Moon"? 🤔 A Blue Moon 🌑 refers to the second of two full moons 🌕 to fall within a single calendar month. According to Google the frequency of a blue moon is f=1.167×10-8 hertz thus converting to years: Once in Blue Moon 🌑 ~= 2.7 years

7 Books I Love…

I have been away from blogging for quite some time now (except for the daily Thought for The Day). Actually I have several blog drafts written and waiting to be finished/published. I don't know why I have not been able to publish them. Yesterday my soulmate asked me: Why are you not writing? I gave... Continue Reading →

First Twitter Trend of 2019: #10YearChallenge

I like Twitter because it is fun, thought-provoking, entertaining, argumentative, sarcastic, humorous, and often abusive too... Twitter "trends" are very common now. Some trends are global and some are national or even regional. Some are fun and leisure and some are issue based. For example, #IceBucketChallenge which started in 2014 and #KikiChallenge which started in... Continue Reading →

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