Happy World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day - birthday of William Shakespeare. Here are some interesting quotes and pics for the day... Each book you read is a minor software upgrade for your brain. "Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything" — Plato A statue... Continue Reading →

Fun Game: Bow and Arrow

Enjoy this fabulous game! A new game to test your accuracy in shooting the apples. If you can shoot e.g. 20 PCs, you are in the 50 yrs old category. No. Of applesShot. Age2 PCs. 80 yrs5 PCs. 70 yrs10 PCs. 65 yrs15 PCs. 60 yrs20 PCs. 50 yrs25 PCs. 40 yrs26 PCs. 35 yrs27... Continue Reading →

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! Founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, Pi (π) Day is celebrated all around the world on March 14, because the date is 3/14. Here is a fun fact,If you're a serious math geek:Celebrate the day exactly at 1:59 a.m. or p.m. so you can reach the first six numbers of pi,... Continue Reading →

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