Just for Fun

A friend of mine sent me this 👇 My immediate response was: Between two of us, we make perfectly deadly combination! I have 1 and 3...and you have plenty of 2! 👍🤘😎😎🤓🤓😊😊


Illusion and A Lesson

I came across this interesting illusion. It seems as if the circle of white DOTS is moving inside the circumference of the larger circle. Check it out: Well, it's an illusion! If you see closely, each white DOT is moving along a straight line passing through the center. The dots move in a staggered manner... Continue Reading →

Humor: Mobile Addiction

Some time back I asked my friend if he used "smart phone". He replied: "नही, मै आज भी सर उठा के चलता हॅूं!" ("No, even today I walk with my head held high") This is so true of Mobile (Smart Phone) Addiction...it makes you lower your head, not in shame, but often in irreverence to... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary…

Didn't know that I started blogging on WordPress exactly 9 years ago! Thanks to wordpress.com for reminding me! It also means that I completed 14+ years of blogging, first 5 years on blogger.com (exclusively)...

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