The Cold Within by James Kinney

The Cold Within by James Kinney The poem "The Cold Within", is about six people who by coincidence are stuck in the cold with a burning fire whose flame is about to burn out if one of the six people does not put their stick of wood inside the fire. All the people in the... Continue Reading →

Math Fun Fact – Palindrome Date

02/02/2020 is the first date to be palindromic across formats (since 11/11/1111). It is the 67th of 335 palindromic ddmmyyyy dates between 10/01/1001 and 29/09/9092, and the 47th of 331 palindromic mmddyyyy dates between 10/01/1001 and 09/29/9290

New Year Wishes And Power of Pivot

31st December to 2nd January seems to be the official period for wishing people Happy New Year and prosperity and new heights and what not. Those who are over enthusiastic start sending wishes on 31st morning, most people send them on 1st January...and few who party hard, send the messages on 2nd, after the hangover... Continue Reading →

Happy Palindrome Week

HAPPY PALINDROME WEEK! The next 10 days are palindromes, meaning the date reads the same backward as forward. Of course this is true for American date format and that too when month is expressed as a single digit (and not as 09)

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