Leisure: Humorous One-liners and Food for Thought

1.   The past tense of fit is fat. 2.   An infinite number of $1 bills and $20 bills are worth the same. 3.   If your parachute doesn’t deploy, you have the rest of the life to fix it. 4.   Average human lifespan is 70 years equating to 2.2 billion seconds. There are 7.5 billion people... Continue Reading →


First Twitter Trend of 2019: #10YearChallenge

I like Twitter because it is fun, thought-provoking, entertaining, argumentative, sarcastic, humorous, and often abusive too... Twitter "trends" are very common now. Some trends are global and some are national or even regional. Some are fun and leisure and some are issue based. For example, #IceBucketChallenge which started in 2014 and #KikiChallenge which started in... Continue Reading →

Rap Song: Smoke Shisha Play Fifa

I use Youtube not for entertainment but for learning, insights, and interesting, creative, thought provoking stuff...well, almost 80% of the times. I recently checked my Youtube history and noticed that it was mostly serious, intellectual, and no-nonsense videos. I did have many music videos (Indian Classical, Movie songs, Children's songs, Concerts etc), but nothing wacky... Continue Reading →

2019 through Recreational Mathematics!

Recreational mathematics is mathematics carried out for recreation (entertainment) rather than as a strictly research and application-based professional activity. By that definition, a big part of my interest in mathematics is recreational - because I don't use it for research or professional activity. I used to solve lot of puzzles since childhood and still love solving puzzles. One of interesting... Continue Reading →

Letter Writing!

This post is inspired by Ramana Sir's blog post with the same title - Letter Writing!I started typing my thoughts in his blog's comments section and thought why not write a hand-written note in letter format! So here it is...this also marks my last post with handwritten contents...those who follow my blog would have noticed... Continue Reading →

Whose Line Is It Anyway…

"Clever lines routinely travel from obscure mouths to prominent ones" - Ralph Keyes in "The Quote Verifier: Who Said What, Where, and When" I came across this line in the context of a famous quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” which is commonly attributed to Aristotle.... Continue Reading →

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