Happy Engineers Day

Generation Gap Or Matter of Perspective?

I received the following image with caption "Generation Gap". It looks like a temple in Maharashtra. There is a young man on the left who is sitting alone and looking into his mobile, and there is a group of elderly people on the right chatting. The caption suggests that old generation is (still) not addicted... Continue Reading →

Happy Palindrome Week

HAPPY PALINDROME WEEK! The next 10 days are palindromes, meaning the date reads the same backward as forward. Of course this is true for American date format and that too when month is expressed as a single digit (and not as 09)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

I like Ganesha/ Ganapati. It's very interesting concept as well as form. However I do not like Ganesh Festival for personal reasons, bad memories of the festival. Many of my darkest life events and experiences have been on or around Ganesh Chaturthi. Hope that changes some day...

New Fevicol Ad – Fevicol Sofa

Fevicol completes 60 years of building bonds in 2019. To celebrate this milestone they have launched an amazing Ad called "Fevicol Sofa". This TV ad shows the journey of a sofa built in 1959 and how it moves through generations. The Ad was released on 23rd August and in just 4 days, it has received... Continue Reading →

Reading Fiction After A Long Gap

After a long long time I am going to read fiction. Hope it turns out to be worth the time. It not, I’ll cut it short and switch to the long pending list of non-fiction books. #bookworm #reading #JoyOfReading #books P.S.: Thank you my soulmate for the wonderful gift! 🙏🤗

Two Underrated Hindi Movies

I watch a lot of movies - mostly Hindi. And I watch all kinds of crap, even in movie halls. That's why my expectations from a movie are very low. I am not one of those who would watch only classics or meaningful movies or movies with substance. Warren Buffett says, "Secret to successful investing... Continue Reading →

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