Video: Akash, The Skipper

I received this message from a friend and I thought of sharing here... Akash, The Skipper10 times national championSilver & Bronze Medalist at World ChampionshipsLimca Book Record Holder It’s breathtaking to watch him do skipping

Math Is Fun

Q: By the end of the 9th day of the 9th month (i.e. 9th September), the 252nd day of the year, how many minutes had passed this year? A: 9! = 252 days= 9×28 days= 9×28×24 hours= 9x28×24×60 minutes= 9×(7×4)×(8×3)×(6×5×2) minutes= 9×8×7×6×5×4×3×2 minutes= 9! minutes

11th Anniversary with WordPress 🤗

WordPress just notified me that today is our 11th Anniversary 😂😎 Before WordPress I had a couple of blogs on (Blogspot) for about 4-5 years. I don't remember why I moved away from to I also don't know why I'm still with It's really not flexible and convenient for the things... Continue Reading →

Happy 90th Birthday, Warren Buffett

Happy 90th Birthday to Warren Buffett, one of the legendary investors and thinkers alive, who was born on this day in 1930. I'm sure Warren will be healthy and hale till he turns 100. Hope I can survive another 10 years to wish him then 🙂

Similarities Between Sanskrit and Persian

I came across this amazing video on similarities between Sanskrit and Persian and thought of sharing here. In my MBA class we had people from 25 different nationalities and that was a very enriching experience going far far beyond the Management. People from other nationalities in my class always said that they were not able... Continue Reading →

Math Fun: What Is Emirp?

Do you know what "emirp" is? An emirp is a prime whose reversal is a different prime. A cyclic emirp is an emirp that generates only more emirps when the last digit is successively moved to the front (or vice-versa). The largest known cyclic emirp is 939,391.

Happy International Chess Day

Today is #InternationalChessDay and I am happy to inform that I successfully completed the FIDE-approved arbiter training camp and passed the exam for State Artiber of Chess ☺️ I am now a State Arbiter of Chess in addition to being a FIDE rated chess player...🤗

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