Letter Writing!

This post is inspired by Ramana Sir’s blog post with the same title – Letter Writing!

I started typing my thoughts in his blog’s comments section and thought why not write a hand-written note in letter format! So here it is…this also marks my last post with handwritten contents…those who follow my blog would have noticed that I posted “Thought of The Day” everyday for last one year as a hand-written note.

So I’ve had enough for my penchant to “write”. I may continue with “Thought of The Day” but not in my handwriting – just a typed text.

Anyways, here is my note on letter writing!

P.S 1.: I am writing a book (though moving very slowly, but want to finish it in 2019) and at one point I wanted to write the entire book as a hand-written text. Not sure how it would shape up, but I may still try that – just for fun!

P.S. 2: I had done such silly experiment of writing blog earlier too. It was related to my discussion with a colleague on “Graphology”/ handwriting analysis. Unfortunately I lost the handwriting image part while importing the blog from Blogger.com to WordPress, however you can still read the text part of the post here.

One thought on “Letter Writing!

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  1. A very interesting and touching post that generates a lot of nostalgia in me for my younger letter writing days. Thank you for the link to my post.

    I look forward to your book’s completion and publishing and send you best wishes that you achieve your ambition in the coming year.

    Nice hand writing!

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